Iriyama Anna (Annin) got sexually aroused by Shiroma Miru’s (Mirurun) White Bikini Body!!

  July 5, 2012

Shiroma Miru

Zabuu~~~~~~~nnnnnNNN!! (Making louder sound than ChapuChapu)
I’m playing with water!!!

Iriyama Anna
Iriyama Anna
I….. I can’t look at (this sweet angel) straight…..
[wall|ω・ิ)well….(watching Mirurun’s bikini body)
Iriyama Anna
[wall|ω・ิ)White Bikini??
[wall|ω・ิ)Do you really think I will be fished/flirted by such a thing???
Iriyama Anna
[wall|ω・ิ)(Staring at Mirurun)
Iriyama Anna
I actually don’t want girls to say “Phew….” Right after affairs…
Iriyama-san….. okay then….. I’ll be designing an elaborate plan to make Annin become professional Hentai.
I think this is because she has been influenced by residents of Gugutasu (G+ users). You guys use the word, “Phew…”, too much on a daily basis!!
Phew…… LOL I’m cracked up!!
I think she is using this word without understanding it’s true meaning?
Annin doesn’t know the meaning of “Phew…”!?
Okay, I’m pretty much convinced that she is a true angel. She is so innocent!!!
Mirurun is a true angel!!
Don’t underestimate Annin!! She is already professional Hentai!!
Uhmm I think you guys expect too much from AKB girls…..
I think the only member who use “Phew” with a clear understanding of what the word means is “Harukyan”.
I rushed to come here as I heard Annin got aroused by Mirurun.
Iriyama and Shinobu are explicit Mirurun Oshi, or maybe I should say they are NMB Oshi.
Oh come on…. I was actually worried about Annin as she has had little presence in team 4 lately…
With her relationship with Mirurun, will Annin finally be getting out of her shell??

I share this for you.
Brief look back of how Mirurun has transformed into angel.
Shiroma Miru (14) from 2010 to 2012