Acchan looks so cute when she doesn’t feel pressure (and 2 other stories on Annin and Kaoru)

  June 6, 2012

Acchan was so cute in afternoon TV show Waratte Iitomo

I don’t know why, but she has become so cute lately. What happened?
It’s a right choice to graduate AKB48. Look….! Her expression is so tender
Oh No.. she is too cute….
She got plump a little bit recently?

She is too cute to die!!!
I’m so happy that Acchan smiles a lot, and has a really soft expression lately…
Yeah….. She used to have this lovely facial expression…..
And she has become an adult…
Jaiko-sama… lol Toyoya… is trying to make a Gag!

Wow She is presented flowers from AKB48 members…..
Anyway, as long as she is happy, I don’t ask for more.
Acchan is so cute when she isn’t feeling pressure!!

Uhmmm I should have to wait for her at the entrance gate of the television!!!!Uhmmm she looks a bit less energetic for me…. Though I don’t know how she looks usually, by the way. ” I think she looks cheerful than usual today. ” Her expression was conveying something like, “I’ve been freed from variety kinds of things.” ” Acchna was so cute~ I like her current hairstyle. She looks noble and clean. ” By the way, if she was participating in the election, then she would be so nervous that she had been too preoccupied to talk….


Annin eat Katsudon for the first time in her life!!

Note: People often often eat Katsudon a day before or on the day of match or such an event, believing in the auspicious homophony between the words, ‘katsu’ (to win) and ‘katsu’ (cutlet) which might bring them luck.

Anna Iriyama on G+

What I had when I went to lunch with Takamina-san, Yokoyama-san and Renacchi was…. Katsudon (♡˙︶˙♡) This is was my first time to eat Katsudon!!\(^o^)/ It was delicious and maybe gives me a good luck ( ̄▽ ̄) lol

Yuihan “Yeah~~ It was yummy(^▽^)o” Shiori Nakamata “Katsudon!! Maybe it was at Takamina-san’s favorite restaurant???” ” Annin-san, is it true that it was you first time to eat Katsudon???? ” Oh…. so she was wasting opportunities to have such a wonderfully delicious food until now….. lol ” Annin doesn’t like meat, fish, vegetables, rice and Annin Dofu (Annin-san looks like eating Galette or something like that for her main source of nutrition….So she maybe doesn’t have a habit to put something on rice….? ” According to photos on her Mobile Mail, she looks like a daughter of a rich family. ” Okay I took a note. If you don’t feed your daughter Katsudon, then she will grow up to be a beautiful girl. ” She may be not interested in food itself…. ” The birth of the rumor, “Is Annin Cyborg???”Annin “I eat Katsudon for the first time!” Takamina “Whatta…. are you serious???”

Wasamin on G+   It was first time  to eat Katsudon in your lifetime!?!?!?!? What the heck….!?!? What do you eat everyday??? It’s so myterious…. Annin “I’m eating normal \(^o^)/ “

Wasamin spoke up on our behalf lolI remember that she is famous for being picky about food. It’s like, “It’s too troublesome to eat food…. I wanna just drink widder in jerry instead of eating some food.” ” So what kind of food does she eat everyday….?? ” Strawberry…. and what excretes is also strawberry…

Kaoru feel guilty from her favorable environment

Kaoru Mitsumune on G+ So after the filming, I moved to another location for another filming. Kitamura-san bought me Bubble-soap (´v`) Soft cream is yummy….. Taste of kindness…… It’s easy to get lost…. I should firmly keep my food on the ground….

Kaoru Mitsumune But I heard there’s something that we can only learn when we are elated… Maybe I put it into wrong word. I’m trying to say that there’s something that we can only learn when we are bold enough. It’s not that easy… When I look around people around me, there’re a lot of girls who have had different experiences and feelings….. and I feel kind of sense of guilty to feel happiness and sorrow among them… Nana Fujita “Kaoru. Ganbare.”

” Oh she is having tough time mentally… ” I deeply understand what she is trying to say. If you are KKS and favored far more than most of other regular members, it’s natural to feel like this…. ” I don’t intend to slam her at all…. and I understand she is also worrying about her own situation…. ” So this “Kitamura-san” is the actor Kazuki Kitamura??? ” I think so~ ” Mittsu’s posts sound like Mariko or Kojiharu. ” These favorable treatments are probably on the contract paper in the first place, and she must have already heard about what will happen. So I think she brought it on herself.After read her interview on newspaper, I had am impression that she already knew what would happen, but she couldn’t expect that she gets special treatments to this degree…Really? I guess it’s none other than her, who has been surprised the most with her present situation. ” I was searching through for Anti-like comments from other members’ Ota, but I couldn’t find any. Though I think maybe they were flagged…. I was cracked up when I found someone commented “ヽ(゚⊥゚)ノ モヘー ” lol