Nana Fujita’s Unusual Love for Kaoru Mitsumune (and other stories about MariAtsu, Kawaei, Karen and Not Yet)

  June 3, 2012

Nana’s unusual love for Kaoru

Kaoru Mitsumune on G+ <-Kaoru's very debut post on G+!

“Hi there(’-‘)
I came back home a little before.
I will be sending mobile mail!!
I’m looking forward to seeing your reactions….”

Shihori Suzuki “Kaoru~~~ Nice to meet you on G+!!”
Shihori Suzuki “Before the comments section is filled up, let me leave my comment.←

Shihori Suzuki “LOL As I expected, it’s filling so rapidly!!”
 Nana Fujita “Wait, Where’s that photo~~(・ω・)?
 Nana Fujita “My reckless challenge to take the first comment of Kaoru’s very first post ended in vain…. Okay I don’t care!!←←”

Nana is a bit scary….

She is gradually becoming having smell of suspense Drama…. 

Nana… don’t mind…

Nana… you’re so cute… go ahead… lose yourself!!

By the way, Nana is seriously a Lesbian???

It’s called “Girl’s love”

So Nana actually loves “Girlz Love” thing, so it’s kinda like a feeling of idol Ota or Boyz Love Ota???

Nana Fujita on G+

“I couldn’t made both Kaoru’s 1st and 500th comments…
(´Д`)(´;ω;`)(..)(´ε` )(;;)(T T)(´Д⊂)

My love for Kaoru was that weak??
No!! That can’t be true!! No….!!!!

LOL I’m disgusted with myself…
Please forgive me for getting high in the midnight!
Alright I resume the lesson!! See you tomorrow!!!”

Nana Fujita “It shouldn’t have gone like this!!!”
Nana Fujita “But…. Should I be content with at least making one comment for her???”
Rina Hirata “OyasuminnadeHilaHilary~~~♪ (she’s saying “Good night” in cutest way)”
Nana Fujita “HilaHilary~”
Nana Fujita “I had no idea what’s going on since Kaoru’s commetns form were filling up so rapidly…!”
Nana Fujita “Wait! Now I feel like I can make it!! Guys!! I’ll head for Kaoru’s G+!!!

Wait! What are you going to do!?!?!?


My image of Nana has established already thanks to G+…lol

Nana…. this is…. real (love)!!!???

Come on… Nana is going too far that she may be fired because of  being lesbian!! lol (,<- love relationship is banned in AKB48...)

LOL What the heck??

If her next comment is “Hu… (<- relieving breathe after finished masturbation… )”,
then I think she should be in Senbatsu for next single!!!

So they are banned love relationship between girls, too??
For me, it’s rather something I can be happy with….

Kaoru Mitsumune on G+

“Uhmmmm GUGUTASU is difficult……
Thank you for commenting!!
Shihori-san and Nana-san, thank you!!!
I’ll be reading all of your comments!! Thank you!!
Good night~~~ヽ( ´ー`)ノ “

Nana Fujita “Please let me get 1st comment~~~~!!!!”
Nana Fujita “You guys are too fast!!”
Rina Hirata “Mom~~~~!!!”

I remember that Nana once said “I want Kaoru to call me without -San.”
Maybe she is a real lesbian../??

Hilary calls Kaoru mom… lol

Fuuko Yagura on G+

How can I do….??
Is this love???
Kaoru-san is too hot....(/ω\*) 


Mariko emulating Acchan☆

This is Acchan

Mariko impersonating Atsuko.

She’s so cute….!!!!!
Oh Acchan appeared on Mariko’s blog??
As always, Mariko is an awesome photographer!!!

Too cute~~~!!

She looks so cool in this riders jacket!!
And her choice to coordinate this jacket with this checked-pattern dress is awesome!! (Usually members choose their cloths by themselves for Shake-Hands events)

Uh~~~~~n… Mandam!!!

From 麻里子応援スレ

Kawaii~~~~ Kawaei~~~~~~

Rina Kawaei on G+

We finished with the Stage\(^o^)/?
It was soooo much fun!!
Tomorrow, we will join the Shake-Hands event for Manatsu no SG!ヽ(´ー`)ノ☆
I’m looking forward to seeing you ( ・`д・´)♪?

Kawaii~~~ Kawaei~~~~~~



Kawaei-chan Kawaii~!!!!!

Tano-chan is flying~~~~~~~!!!!

Karen-chan on G+

Yuka is flying like a troll~~~~~!!!!

That what she said… lol

I gotta gave my best to the stage!!!

So… yeah, Hilary gave me a birthday present!!

I will upload a photo of her gift~~~~!!

I want to see Wakanyan-san(;_;)

Chavez!! ☆ノシ

Wakana Natori “I want to meet you, too~~~~ Karen~~~(;ε ;)♡”
 Nakayan “Booooooooooooooooon”

Tano-chan lol

LoL Nakayan is flying….

Karen Iwata on G+

“Present from Hilary~~~!!


She knows exactly what I want!!!! Believe me, it’s such a blessing to have such a member in the same generation (of AKB)
Thank you Hilary~~~~!!!”

Ota Production’s New Dachou Club


They are exactly emulating Dachou Club!! (Famous comedian trio from Ota Production)

Yokoyama = Zimon (the man in the left)

Una = Ryuhei (the man in the right)

Not Yet is just too awesome….

Who win the center position of AKB48, Yukirin? Yuko? or…..

Since I don’t have a setting that enables me to create capture images from TV, I took this with my camera.
This is rebroadcasting of Real Scope in this afternoon and they were doing special coverage of AKB48 election….

This silhouette is…..


LOL There’s Rie-chan Ota in the staffs of this program.

But how you can figure out this is Rie???

Completely the same….


Why did they use her image for this????
Why they put Unagi-inu on the left edge of the screen..?

Wow Rie-chan in center~~!?

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