Heartwarming MC of Kaoru and The Other 13gen

  May 2, 2012

Since I became a fan of AKB, I basically didn’t have any Anti-sentiment toward particular members. Sure I sometimes was frustrated with Gori-Oshi (explicit promotion) for some members, irritated by some members’ bold remarks, when some members express their negative thoughts on their blog or G+, which to me sometimes looks that they are begging sympathy. Yes, though I can’t deny I have these moments, it’s always ‘sometimes’, and I never had Anti feeling, which lasts for a long time.

Kaoru is not different for me. But when you really look her attitude, she is actually a nice person, and despite her completely sophisticated look, inside of her is not that different from our usual dear old AKB’s KKS.

MC member “From now we talk on the topic ‘Talk about all about Kaoru’.”
everybody “Yeahhhhhh”
MC member “Do you have anything to talk about Kaoru?”
memrber “Kaoru is really handsome, and cute, stylish, has beautiful body…”
Kaoru “Yeah Yeah!! (very loud voice)”
member “I really wish I found myself transformed into Kaoru when I woke up.”
Kaoru “Wooooow”
member “This is all she asked me to speak lol.”
Kaoru “Nooooo.”
member “I was asked by her in backstage.”
member “Kaoru’s backstory!”
MC member “Is there anyone who want to talk about Kaoru? Okay, Shiori-chan. Go ahead.”
member “Today’s is Kaoru-chan’s birthday, and this year is the last year of her teens. But she tries to hide this truth!!! and lied her age!!!! lol 19 y/o!”
Koaru “Wait. I heard we never gets old after we reached the age of 18.”
members “Whaaaaaaat~~~~~?”
Kaoru “But on this stage, everyone is under 19 right?”
members “But that means you had 18 y/o twice!”
Koaru “Come on. Do you have something good to talk about me?”
members “Good things? uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”
member “Hi!!Kaoru is doing ‘Hengao’ <- making a funny face like Sashiko
members “Wow so now we can see your Hengao here on this stage??”
Kaoru “Hengao for my birthday…..?”
members “3, 2 ,1 …” Kaoru nalied it.
members “It’s confusing Hengao lol Are we supposed to laugh at it?”
MC memebr “Okay anything else?”
member (Mao) “She has no sense of direction. When we went to Shinokubo together, to have hot pot, but on the way back to station, she had no idea which direction is a station located, and she was standing in the middle of the street, looking around with concerned face!”
Kaoru “But Mao also can’t read a map. So it’s not only me but Mao-chan was also lost.”
member(Mao) “No I was reading a map then…. (cross talk)”
member “I don’t get what you are speaking so let’s talk on this after this stage”
MC member “Okay anything else?”
member “Kaoru-chan often finds things troublesome and she even broke the cosmetic tools. She says I’m gonna buy new ones but it looks she never does it. Don’t you think it7s strange?”
Kaoru “I put material of cosmetics in Ziplock bags. Don’t think we can still use them if we store them in Ziplock bags??”
members “LoL let’s buy new ones!”
Kaoru “Okay so let’s go Shinokubo together again (talking to Mao)”
Mao “LOL again?? Then promise me we won’t get lost next time.”
Kaoru “Yes yes. I believe you.”
Mao “What? It’s me to study a map? Okay!”
MC member “Sakura-chan please conclude this!!”
Sakura “So we’ve talked a lot about negative side of her… but I know a thing. When we walk together, and we find a door ahead of us, then Kaoru escorted me, opening a door and let me through it like a gentleman!! “
members “Woowwwwwwwwww sweet!! Handsome!!”
Sakura “In a very subtle manner she is kind. This really explain her personality.”
Kaoru “Yeah but it’s really a small this..”
Sakura “But this little kindness is what matters to me!”
MC member “Yes this kind of carefulness is really important.”
Sakura “But after talked a lot about her negative points, we talked only one good point of her…. “
members “Let’s find what’s good about Kaoru.”
member “Oh I found out. She is tall!”
MC member “It’s not even personalities~~~!”
member “She is a hardworking person. She is really hardworking!”
member “(asked Kaoru) Did you ask her to say that?”
Kaoru and member “Nope!”
Koaru “So I think you’re being too shy (members look disagreeing), but let’s know each other more and befriend with more!”
memebers “Yeahhhy!”

Fans reacted to this heartwarming and funny conversation among 13gen, commenting

I thought she was just alienated from other members of 13gen but it looks like Kaoru can adapt to mood of 13gen, and they are really friendly to each other.

I’m surprised that they call her Kaoru, not Kaoru-san or Kaoru-chan.

Looks like Kaoru is a big sister of 13gen. She was embracing every ill words to her, and helped create an intimate mood.

It’s so funny she already makes fun of her age when she is still 19y/o.

I love her Hengao which IMO can stack up to Sashiko. Kawaii~

LOL I think Sashiko gets upset that if such handsome face does Hengao, Sashiko’s one is no longer special

Do you have that video, in which members are helping Kaoru to take off her cloth?”


Wow those hater must change their minds after watching this!!

Yeah more you know her, more you come to understand she is not that different from other 13gen KKS.

LOL I laughed that Kaoru calls her Hilary-san lol

Come let’s get it serious. I think 13gen will be a monster. I guess team8 will be formed mostly with member of 13gen.

Think about it. Kaoru is like Mariko-sama in earlier generations. How can I say.. they are like a mood maker of the whole team.
Honestly I didn’t favor Kaoru for some reason, but after I met her at shake-hands event, I changed mind.
She is a nice and funny girl.
Those who criticize her will change their mind too if they meet her in person.
One eye witness is better than hundreds of hearsays!

Yeah I get what you mean! They are similar!
But… from the first sight, for me Kaoru looked a really nice girl….
Maybe her looking makes people thnk she is snobby?

All the criticism is not toward her personality but huge promotions she has gotten.

Model, and Maid at Maid cafe…. I guess she can stack up to Mariko in terms of ability to communicate with people!

As always, some people commented that this is a stealth marketing, or this video only shows convenient parts to make a good impression of her.
But I thnk if they still have hatred feeling to her as a person after met her in person or saw some video clips tell her personality, then it’s because they just like childish faces and Kaoru’s Takarazuka like face is not for them.. haha