Fan Report: Jurina At Shake-Hands Event

  April 29, 2012
I am picturing her greeting to fans in her usual cheerful and loud voice!!! Jurina! Never again leave from us please!!!!

ーFrom two channel “Jurina’s Shake-hands event report – finished without any troubles, she is very positive about her joining in team K, 28th Apr 2012

There are some people asked her about her thought on her joining in team K. She was like as the path is laid in front of me, I must go forward!! She looked full of spirit!!!

“Really!! I guess she must have thought a lot and reached the firm determination!! I’m proud of her!!”

“It’s just my observation looking from the behind. She was like ‘Just wait to see what’ll happen!!!'”

“Jurina is sooooo cool!! I’m so proud of her!!”

At shake-hands event from the afternoon! Since I woke up late, I did two-ticket-once! But…. since her smile was soooo bright, I couldn’t talk to her a lot!!!
Me: It’s been a long time~
J: Oh yeah it’s a long time(^∀^)ノ
Me: I saw Blackboard (Drama she is starred in), you were so good! Especially the scene you were taking a peak!
J: Thank you~~ I was so nervous during the filming!!!
Me: I was so nervous (to meet J) that I couldn’t sleep last night!!
J: Really~~~~? You’re Okay?? Come to see me again(^∀^)ノ

“Yeah Jurina is sooooo bright especially when we haven’t met her for a long time!!!!”
My report.
Jurina was sos cute and just a goddess!!
I got so tense that I panicked!!
Me: How are you doing lately?
J: ? How am I doing lately?? Uhmm I’m fine!! Bye Bye~~~
Me: (Bowing)
How do you say?”

“Thanks for your report!! It seems she is really fine!!”

“LoL why you bowed as you left!?!?
It cracked me up to picture the secene!!!
Jurinco Kawaii~~~”

“2nd time for today!!
Me: Oh I forgot this for the last time!
J: uhm?
Me: You are cute as always!
J: ahaha♪ Thank you~~
Me: uhm?
J: Isn’t this? wink(^∀<)ノ
LoL she remembers usual pattern of me!!!”

“LOL Pattern….. Jurina seems soooo much fine!!”
Yeah at least she looked soooo fine until 3rd session!!”

”I saw Sumo Wrestlers!!!!! They are looping Jurina’s line lol”

“LOL I saw them too!! They looked so happy and gentle!!”

“I talked to one most intensive Jurina-Oshi wrestler!! I said ‘Wish your luck in Gogatsu-Basho'(Natsu Basho), and he said to ome ‘Thank you so much’!!”

“I too talked to him after he finished all Shake-Hands!! He was such a nice guy!! He said he really like Jurina!!
I think Jurina really got back her energy!
I was full of tears when when she replied me ‘Tadaima’ to my ‘Okaeri Jurina’…”

“I think we’d better to form supporters’ club for that Sumo Wretler!!”

“He said his result is getting better after he started shake-hands with Jurina!!!”

“Jurina is such a Venus of Victory!!!!”

“Yeah if he becomes Makuuchi, we can offer him prize!!!<-prize from fans are only allowed for Makuuchi Rikishi"

“My report!
Me: I’m so happy to see you’re fine! <- I couldn't speak smoothly at all
J: Thank you for coming everytime!!!
It was like this. Have any objection?
Jurina was so bright so shiny so beautiful….”

“Me too happy to see her fine. But it’s Jurina, she must re-start with full energy.. I’m a bit worrying…”

“I’m who questioned yesterday on this thread. I just got home from shake-hands event.
First time I got so tense that I only could say ‘Are you fine?’
I’m so surprised that I’m nervous about meeting a girl more than 10 years younger than me.
It may sound I’m too self-conscious but for the 2nd time I felt she remembered me and was like ‘Oh! (again!)
As you guys told me I asked her for wink and she did wink for me~~~!!!
I couldn’t stop smiling for a while lol
By the way I noticed there were many female fans in Jurina’s lane!
Though quite late, I realized she is popular both among men and women.”

“Thanks! I think Jurina has pretty good memory and quick to remember her fans!!
Yeah there are so many female fans including me lol”