Kaoru Mitsumune’s First G+ Post? Kinda…

  May 16, 2012
Iguana named Yukirin
This cute iguana who were starring  NOTTV’s program An’ta Dare is named Yukirin for some reason (Obviously staffs are Yukirin fans) 

Kami KKS, one-man Takarazuka, current sensation, but actually a nice girl, Kaoru Mitsumune posted her first G+ post through Nana Fujita’s account.

Nana Fujita G+

“We wrapped up today’s Revue \(^o^)/  (<- not SDN's concert at TDC, but K6th RESET at AKB theatre) Despite it’s sudden replacement (she replaced Shinobu Ksaski for this Revue),

I’m glad that you sent me cheers!! Thank you (ヽ´ω`)!

It was so much fun (´ε` )

A strange person is not beside me ♡

Waronteienne, Waroteitor..”

Kaoru Mitsumune aka Mittsu or Kaoru
Nana Fujita “Mysterious last two words was written by Kaoru!”

Minarun “Mittsuツ(´•̥̥̥௰•̥̥̥`)What’s up!!! “

Nana Fujita “Kaoru is too funny~!”

Marina Kobayashi “Otsupeko (<- Otsukare + Peko?)

Nana FujitaI will upload a video around 11PM!

“Ryoka Oshima draw that mysterious picture on Mittsu’s hand!!”

“I can’t understand what last two words stand for!!”

“I love ’19 y/o’ Kaoru Mitsumune~~~~!!”

Nana then uploaded a video of Kaoru about an hour later…

Nana Fujita “Don’t you think Kaoru is cute?”
“Please watch today’s (DMM) on-demand~~~!!”
“Kaoru is funny lar~~~!”
“By the way, you see the face of Kaoru in the thumbnail??? lol”
Nana Fujita “Everyone was laughing at her (video) in the bus\(^o^)/ “
“There’s no meaning in this video…”
“Kaoru… I love you~~~~!!!”
“I will be practice for tomorrow’s Revival Revue!!!(<- K4th Saisyuu Bell Ga Naru)"
I love Kaoru’s Kansai-dialect!!!!!

Kaoru (in the video) “Warolintine…… Waroteita~ Waroteiru….”

Meanwhile Shiga’s princess, Tanamin who have a burning ambition for spreading Shiga love throughout the nation, uploaded this weird 2 shot photo on her G+ account.

Miku Tanabe G+
“Please forgive me… orz”

Miku Tanabe posing with Acchan mask
What the heck this manly Acchan is!?!?!?