AKB48 KKS Tomu Motoh Preformed Manatsu no SG! with Senbatsu members in Kakyoukyoku

  June 6, 2012

Tomu Mutoh made an appearance in TV show Kayoukyoku

Looks wise, she doesn’t look wrong among Senbatsu members at all!!

So she is playing Annin’s position.

Wait… Why my eyes are sweating….

Manatsu no SG! performed by Tomu and 超Senbatsu starts!!!

Wow this is amazing…!

Wow this is a total win for Tomu Ota!

Tomu is singing MSG together with Senbatsu members in golden time TV show…..

I’ve already come to the point that I’m almost crying out of happiness….

I was wondering who is this girl?? So this is the girl who got promotion because of her surprising early result… lol

I want to say thank you to ChinTomo-san (Tomochin)….

So she is starring in Kayoukyoku!!
I don’t feel any awkwardness from her performing with Senbatsu members at all!!
I think this is a sign of her breakthrough this year….

It was a right choice to have voted 4 votes for her before the early result from 48 groups mobile sites….

The show ended.
After all, generation change hasn’t yet happened in Media Senbatsu….

Tomu…. she didn’t talk at all in (talk section of) Kakyoukyoku…..
Maybe she talked but her scene was cut off mercilessly?

Because she was the only Kenkyusei in this show, I wanted her to promote herself more….
Though I know it’s cruel to expect this from her, because she has little experience in TV show…

Anyway, for today’s show, it’s good enough to leave a impression “who is that girl?” in general audience.

Tomochin and Tomuchin’s pair dance was so nice!!
I’m praying for Tomuchin so that she will be called her name in a good ranking!
From Tomochin-Oshi

She was so cute in Kayoukyoku!

Because Tomu’s smile is so striking, I think she got close up shots for a relatively long time!

It’s too awesome that this smile was broadcast nationwide!!!!!!!!!

Though I’m Kitarie-Oshi, I don’t mind if Tomu-chan will get huge promotion!!! But rather, I’m willing to cheer her!! (^o^)/

I just found these images on Umechan fan thread, so I share them with you guys, though I’m not Tomuchan-Oshi.

So she has left a little to be desired in her dancing skill…
Maybe it’s because this was her first time to perform in nationwide TV show.
Good luck Tomu!!

She could get close up shots in nationwide TV show! Don’t expect too much!
Though she couldn’t speak at all, all other members except 超Senbatsu didn’t speak at all as well!

Wow it’s Umechan!!!
Her smile gave me energy!! I am regretting for not having voted for Umechan(~_~;)
I still don’t know about Tomu-chan at all, but hope she got motivated from this chance!!

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