Tie-Up for AKB48 27th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo Announced

  May 31, 2012

Unprecedentedly large scale tie-up of AKB48 27th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo, has announced today.

27th Single Senbatsu members will be featured in Ads campaign of NTT’s “Purara Hikari TV (optical fiber internet TV)”, UHA’s  “Puccho” and apartment rental business retailer Apamanshop.

Undergirls will be featured in the campaign for Seven Net Shopping, and release their solo on-demand photobook.

In addition, this time, even 173 members who end up out of ranking also will be given opportunities to make Gravure appearance in magazines. Each member will have at least 1 full color page, which is supposed to be the good opportunities for them to step up for the next year.

<27th Single Senbatsu members>
NTT’s “Purara Hikari TV “ Commercial and theme song
UHA’s  “Puccho” Commercial and theme song
“Apamanshop” Commercial and theme song

Seven Net Shopping Commercial and theme song
Solo on-demand photobook released through Seve Net Shopping

Karaoke JOYSOUND Commercial and theme song
Solo Gravure featured on Friday magazine

Will be announced soon
Solo Gravure featured on Weekly Spa magazine
each magazine listed below will feature each member in at least 1 page.
Friday 32 members
Playboy 16 members
Flash 10 members
Young Magazine 8 members
Source Netallica