Live Update (Before Early Result): AKB’s 27th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo

  May 23, 2012

So AKB48’s 26th single Manatsu no Sounds Good! has released today and fans has started voting for their favorite members since yesterday, 22th May.

Unlike previous elections “interim result” won’t be announced this year, and but “early result”will be announced on 20:30 (JST), on 23th May, after the “Goddess of Theatre” Revue at AKB theatre and “Sakaagari” Revue by team E, about 2 days after the election started.

In the last years’s early result of the election, Yuko Oshima topped the ranking followed by Atsuko Maeda. Yuki Kashiwagi ranked 3rd and managed to keep this position til the end, making dramatic ascend of her from 8th place in the 2nd election. Rino Sashihara ranked 7th, ended up 9th, making her ranked up by 10 from the 2nd election. Tomomi Itano, 4th in the 2nd election placed 8th, Mariko Shionoda, 3rd in the 2nd election, and Haruna Kojima, 7th in the 2nd election, ranked 6th and 10th respectively.

Top 16 members of this AKB’s 4th Sousenkyo will be selected for Senbatatsu of AKB48’s next single (27th single), and members ranked 17-32th, 33th-48th, 49th-64th will sing couplings to the single. The 4 groups are named Senbatsu members, Under girls, Next girls, and Future girls, respectively.

Record breaking total 237 members from all 48 groups except JKT48 are participating in this election, and only 27% of them will be selected for the members of 27th single.

Various tabloid papers include Sanspo conducted their own research hearing fans who they voted.

In Sanspo’s research, Yuko Oshima topped the ranking, winning 20 votes from 200 people and Jurina Matsui followed her with 16  votes. (3rd Takamina, 4th Maroko, Yukirin, Sashiko, 7th Kojiharu, 8th Paruru)

Source Daily, Mantan Web, Sanspo

Kojiharu mentioned the kick start of the election and the release of the new single on her twitter!
Kojiharu on Twitter “Manatsu no SG! will be releases today! And!! Finally this year’s election has started!!”
⇒Update (15:00 JST, 23th May) 

Mariko “I’m seeking to be 4th or higher in this election!”

Mariko Shinoda made an appearance in the live-broadcasting of TV Show PON!, and declared that her goal in this election is within Top-4.

Mariko, who placed 3rd, 3rd and 4th in the 2-4th elections respectively, said “This year, I want to go with the slogan “Shitakara Mariko (Mariko from below)” as I want to go for the higher place this year. Because I was 4th last year, I’m seeking to be 4th or higher in this election!”

Host of the show comedian Bibiru Ohki jokingly said to Mariko “If you couldn’t be true to your word, then we will give you penalty!!”. Mariko answered “If I’m below 4th… then I will do something (as penalty).” (Sourse Daily)

⇒Update (16:00 JST, 23th May) 

Miichan “Because I was 15th in the last election, my goal for this election is be in top-16.”

During the filming of TV Show Takeshi no Nippon no Mikata, when asked on her goal in this election, Minami Minegishi told “Because I was 15th in the last election, my goal for this election is to be in top-16.”

“Fans are always closely watching me, so I’ve become very conscious that how I look to people in my daily life.” “I’ve updated my blog more often that before, and say…. I wear white one-piece dress that I rarely put on for Shake-Hand events.” she added with a soft smile on her face. She will reveal “top-3 AKB48 members that she want them to be her boyfriend” in on-air of the program on 25th May. (Source Walker Plus)

⇒Update (18:00 JST, 23th May) 

AkiP “Everyone is so confident, especially Kojima… lol”

AKB48‘s song Heavey Rotation is awarded “JASRAC” prize as the song had made the most profit from copyright fee last year. This prize is awarded to top 3 songs which made the most profit but as all top 3 songs are written by Yasushi Akimoto and sung by AKB48, gold, silver and bronze, all 3  prize were awarded to AKB48 and it’s songwriter Yasushi Akimoto.

When asked about his prospect on the ongoing election, AkiP answered “I don’t know since I have no idea where the votes for Maeda goes. But you know, the result of this election won’t continue forever. The election is a festival to select members for 27th single, so please don’t be so serious and hope everyone enjoys this festival period.” But he added “Everyone is so confident, especially Kojima…” jokingly. Kojiharu snapped “Please stop!! I don’t have anything (special)!!”
When asked about the early result announced on tonight, Yuki Kashiwagi, who left a dramatic rise in the last election, said “I take the scenes fans voting for me to my heart and …. I’m looking forward to 6th June.” while funny Kojiharu’s remark, “I heard early result shows only 10% of total vote. Because I’m too uneasy, I will look the result with my eyes slightly open….” drew laughter from members.

Takamina “Members often refer my style as Gyaru-oh. lol Anyway I will go for the election with burning spirit!”

Captain of team A, Minami Takahashi also looks nervous but never forgets to send exciting comments to fans as she commented “(6th June) It’s gonna be like a revolution, I think. So, this is a festival, I want everyone to enjoy this election with smile.” She also made a gag of her hair, which she changed it to short style after her hair caught fire recently, saying “Members often refer my style as Gyaru-oh. lol Anyway, though my hair was burned down, I will go for the election with burning spirit! lol” (Source Modelpress, Oricon)

⇒Update (18:00 JST, 23th May) 

Sayaka “One rank up from the last election…. so… 16th. But regardless of the ranking, I want to show my gratitude to fans through my work.”
Sayaka Akimoto of AKB48 made an appearance at the press conference of musical Roman Holiday (starts from today) in which she plays a role of Princess Ann.
When asked about “early result” which will be announced about 2 hours later, she said “No one can tell what will happen in Sousenkyo till the end.” But when asked about her goal in this election, she humbly answered “One rank up from the last election…. so… 16th.” “But regardless of the ranking, I want to show my gratitude to fans through my work.”
Eisaku Yoshida, co-star of the musical said “I feel like finally cast my vote for her….”, and Sayaka reacted with smile to his supportive comment. (Source Sponichi)

⇒Update (19:00 JST, 23th May) 

Manatsu no Sounds Good! Sold 1.17 Million copies In it’s first day!!

Manatsu no Sounds Good sold 1.17 million copies in the first day after it’s release, the largest sales number in the AKB48‘s single release history, followed by Kaze ha Fuiteiru, which sold about 1.045 million in the first day!!! (Source Oricon)

Click to check out the early result!!