Sashiko To Sing ‘Renai Sousenkyo’ Solo for The Coupling To Her Solo Debut Single

  April 18, 2012
Sashiko.. again? Sorry if you’re fed up with stories on Sashiko come again and again..

Young Magazine is a name of comic that all junior-high and high-school students in Japan have read at least once. It’s sort of adult version of Magazine (not generic term but a name of magazine..), and in every issue the magazine features young cute idols on it’s front cover.

YM7 is a subunit of AKB48 which formed through the collaboration of Young Magazine. (by the way there also is YJ7, which also is a subunit collaborated with Youn Jump.) In this collaboration, YM7 and YJ7 battled against each other in 5 games, (gravure, radio, etc..) for 6 months from 4.2011 to 9.2011, and after all battles decided the winner by fan poll. YM7 beat YJ7 4-1. The prize for the win was gifted from AkiP, the original song “Renai Sousenkyo (General Election of Love)”.
Members of YM7 are Rino Sashihara, Tomomi Kawanishi, Miho Miyazaki, Aki Takajo, MikaKomori, Sumire Satoh, Miyu Takeuchi. Guess who played a center?
Yes it’s Rino who posed a Alien-Baltan pose so proudly.
It’s announced this song “Renai Sousenkyo” is gonna be the coupling song to her new single “Soredemo Yokidayo” (on sale 2th May (Battle against NZK46!!!))
I found this in Japan’s online forum, and it seems the source of this information is this week issue of Young Magazine (info), which Rino is on it’s cover!! That’s it, I believe this news though there’s no official statement from Avex. Guys this is a big news for Rino fans, since this song was thought to never see the sunlight because YM7 only existed for 6 months even though “Renai Sousenkyo” is super catchy song!! Honestly I like the coupling better than the title song 😛
*”Renai Sousenkyo” will be a coupling for type-A.
*”Renai Sousenkyo” might be in AKB’s next album, if many fans send requests to AkiP.
*I confirmed the information on Young Magazine’s website