Letters from Kitarie: RinoRie is and will be ”Da Real”

  July 25, 2012

Kitarie’s Letter to Sasshihara Rino

To Rino-chan
I wanted to go there, I wanted to watch your performance in the theater, but because my job schedule wouldn’t allow me…. I’m sorry that I couldn’t be there.
I was so surprised when I heard about your transfer to Hakata…. it was something I couldn’t have ever imagined…
I was thinking that we would always be close to each other and that we would always smile at trivial things….
Rino-chan won’t simply go to HKT.
So, I have a feeling that it’s not right to just feel lonely…. and I honestly can’t just say, “I miss you…”
But with you now going to Hakata, I don’t think that would ever change our relationship.
Probably from now on, we would not be able to make memories together as much as we used to but that doesn’t mean our old memories will disappear or decrease.
Though we are now in a long-distance relationship, I firmly believe that our relationship is not something that will lose to this long-distance.
And I believe that Rino-chan can give her best in whatever environment she is in.
No matter how far we will be separated, RinoRie will be “Da Real”.
Now, last of all, let me say…
I’m looking forward to various kinds of Mentaiko (Hakata’s speciality) as souvenirs for me every time you go back to Tokyo.
Team B Kitahara Rie.

The letter from Kitahara Rie, read by Ohya Shizuka 2012/7/23 at Sashihara Rino Send-Off Party

↑I cried゚(゚´Д`゚)゚

↑Afterall, Mentaiko plays such an important role…. lol

↑She has Iitomo and regular TV programs in Fukuoka every week, so Kitarie-chan can get Mentaiko every week!!!

↑That pretty much explains how their relationship is Da Real!!

Mariko updated her blog!!

This is the last show that we can perform with these members.

Sashiko’s special Stage! 

Hard-working girl Sashiko!!!

Atsuko and “final” Sashiko

We’ve been getting to have more and more occasions where we say “final”.

My hairstyle isn’t the same as Minami today lol

Today’s hairstyle is ….Waffle somthing

After the show….

Today HKT48 members were also guests at Sashiko’s party!!You are loved by them so much♪ This won’t be the last occasion that I will meet her, so we sent her off in a cheerful mood.

After Sashiko’s send-off party 

Sashihara Rino 21:26
It finished!! I had a great time!! After the public performance, members told me again that they didn’t feel that this was the end, and so they were not sad!! I was glad to hear that!! Yes!! It’s not a graduation. It does not mean that we cannot see each other anymore!! Therefore, I was happy. During the event, I had thought that if I cried there or if we had dinner all together, it might seem like we would be apart forever. I hadn’t cried until the letter from Ricchan was read!! … After all, I couldn’t hold out against my emotion when it was read. Thank you Ricchan!! Thank you members of HKT!! Let us do our best to make progress!!

Kodama Haruka  21:39

We finished with Sassy-san’s send-off partyー\(^o^)/
We also appeared in the show!!
This is the first and the last occasion for us to perform together with Sassy-san at the AKB48 theater, and I think we successfully sent her off and welcomed her.

Sassy-san is the kind of person that does not show an uneasy face in front of HKT members,
but she was shedding tears today.
I think the countless emotions that have piled up
had finally flown out at that very moment.

I want to be a true teammate to her in HKT48,
that can smile together with all honesty,
be glad about things together ,
cry together,
and occasionally even crush each other.

Thank you so much for today.


Haruppi…. I can’t stop my tears….(´;ω;`)

Sassy’s send-off party is over! This is Sashihara Pride style☆~(ゝ。∂ p.twipple.jp/Q7z87

— 小嶋 陽菜 (@kojiharunyan) July 23, 2012

Sashihara…. your eyelid…. so many tears have flown out from your eyes….