Yui-Han with Glasses Is Ridiculously Moe

  April 27, 2012

From Two Channel “Cute Yui-han with Glasses”

On Yui: When put on normally she looks sexy, but when she gets shy, glasses makes her Moe~. Her Kyoto-dialect is so cute that outshines My Hakata-dialect. But what she is trying to say is not so funny lol Sometimes she sends me gag through mobile email, but sorry for always skip them becasue I don’t get those jokes!!
On Takamina: I avoided poking Minami-chan since she was in the middle of serious talk. She is famous for her email xenophobia, but she gives me a reply very quickly whenever I send her email asking about training and practice.
On Sashiko: Recently I am given a chance to appear in TV programs and other media outlets, and I once more thought Sassy is great. You are my comrade that always make me want to go beyond my limit.
*I don’t know whose comment is this… maybe either Shiichan, or Umechan? (since both of them are from Fukuoka)