AKB48’s Maeda Atsuko’s Admiration at Oshima Yuko’s Voluptuous Cleavage with the words “They sure are big…”

The members of the popular idol group AKB48 have become the suspects of a murder case. In the drama-like Lotte advertisement series titled “Aisu no mi” (The fruit of ice).

Oshima Yuko has become the second victim in the new ad. Novice detective, Maeda Atsuko, discovers and inspects Oshima’s corpse in a freezer. 
She spontaneously admired Oshima’s voluptuous cleavage by saying, “They sure are big…” as she accidentally stared at it with a magnifying glass; a comical development.

The new ad continues from Team 4’s Kayou Rena’s being discovered with her attire being completely changed; a mysterious code, with the 87 members all being suspects. Sashihara shrieked, as the members ran in to see what was going on. At that point they discovered Oshima Yuko frozen to death in the freezer. A mysterious code was once again left on a phone, while also mentioning that Oshima’s pinky was bent. With her dying message as a clue, Maeda once again is one step closer to revealing the truth.

In the scene with Oshima’s frozen corpse, special make-up was used to make it look like her head and body was frozen to death. Before the shoot, when Oshima, who scared the members with the frozen make-up by making many different faces, displayed her dead body with eyes open, an NG scene was also made because it was too real and “too scary”.
Once the director called out “OK!”, Minegishi Minami, thanking Oshima for staying in a tight space for a long time in that position, carried Oshima out of the freezer with her arms. Oshima smiled back saying, “I’ve been rescued!”

The second ad “AKB48 Murder Case FILE-2” will start airing nationwide on the 25th. Related to the ads a serial manga called “AKB48 Murder Case” (Original Plan: Akimoto Yasushi, Original Work: Oyama Goushou, Manga: Gotou Masaki), which started publishing on the 4th of July on the magazine “Shuukan Shounen Sunday”. You can also find hints for the crime case at the “Aisu no mi” website.

The advertisement:

Members’ testimonies:

Mayuyu: Yuko-chan, I’m so sad. I’m in a group with her called the “Oshiri Sisters”. There is no set date for our debut yet. Detective Maeda only looked at her boobs, but Yuko-chan’s Oshiri (Butt) is also wonderful!

Sakiko: This is in regards to the song that played on Yuko’s phone. I have a hunch that it’s the same song that played on Renacchi’s. How did it go? Having it played twice means that it must be some message from the criminal.

Ayarin: I think I may know who did it. What? But I can’t say it here. I can’t. I absolutely can’t say it. I absolutely won’t reveal it. Only next time…

Kojiharu: Yuko… I’m incredibly shocked…  Speaking of which, I remember seeing Yuko and Sasshi having a quarrel. Same thing with Renacchi, and also with Yuko, both of these times it was Sasshi who found them, right? Isn’t this kind of suspicious?

Sae: Two people being killed consecutively… Acchan said that the criminal is one of the members, but I can’t stand being with a devilish homicide! I’ll go back to my room.

Akicha: I suspected that it was someone strong when Renacchi was beaten to death, but could it be like me? But it’s not only restricted to the possibility that they’ve been beaten to death, right? E.g. Miorin’s Head butt!

Yukirin: Continuing from Renacchi and even Yuko… Who in the world did this? That’s right, it was raining outside today, right? That might’ve been because of me. Because I’m quite famous as a “Rain Woman”.

Yukarun: When people think about me, Sasaki Yukari, they think of “Aisu no mi” (Eguchi Aimi), so I was really looking forward to shooting this ad, but I would’ve never thought something like this would happen. Ah, speaking of which, Oshima-san was saying something like she noticed something, perhaps that was why she was targeted?

Yuihan: Not only Renacchi, but now even having Yuko killed… I don’t believe it. I’ve decided that it can’t be true. I shouldn’t be saying such things right now, right? Speaking of which, the “N” that was left by Renacchi, was she talking about Not yet?

Mocchi: The code that was left on Renacchi’s phone was “23K.24AB” and Yuko left “16A.33K”. I first thought that it had to do with someone from each team and their age, but there is no one aged 33, as one would expected. Ah! It could possibly about the ranks from the General Election.

– People have also tried stuff like playing the testimonies backwards, I have no idea about that.