16th Ayaka Umeda
About since the announcement of 20th, I’d been praying, “Please don’t call me name”.
So when my name was called, I felt like pumping my fists in the air, though because I was too happy, I covered my face with my hands actually….
What have supported me until now is fans’ encouraging word “Believe in us”

Umechan, we are always believing in you.

I’m so impressed with this firm bond and mutual trust between Umechan and her fans….
How have they built this strong mutual trust!!?
I’m envious of them….

Umechan, congratulation!!

15th Yui Yokoyama
Winners’ slot has expanded, and votes for me increased by 9,000 as well.
12th in the early result was way too far.
My goal for this election was 10th, but I’m satisfied with 15th.
I want to be a member that is essential for AKB48 and delivers good news to everyone.

Yuichan (*´ω`*)

She is getting better at commenting!!

She has tremendously calmed down after one night!!

But if 15th gave her such an emotional surge, what would happen if she gets single digit ranking!!?
I guess she would be going to faint.

We need to prepare an ambulance!

It has become a trademark of Yui (^▽^)/ Next year we will need paramedics ready when she takes No.1 0 (^o^)

Honestly I’m really curious about what will happen if Yui win a single digit ranking!!
I would be a broadcasting accindent lol

Yokoyama’s comment sounds like a word from a completely different person from the one who were on the stage….

14th Minami Minegishi
Usually, I tend to think it’s not cool to express my emotions, and I don’t want to put pressure to fans……
But this year, I’d been determined to speak my honest feelings and emotions on the stage.
And I could express them honestly.

13th Rie Kitahara
If I can describe it in one word, I would say “Surprise and Relief”.
I was thinking girls from SKE and NMB would make big leaps…
But in this tough situation, I could win this position…..
After everything was over, I realized how nervous and uneasy I’d been….

I seems like Unagi had been enormously nervous since around the announcement 17th…

12th Tomomi Kasai
Because this year, Senbatsu only has 16 members and I was 17th in the early result, I was thinking it’s impossible to be in Senbatsu….
People has been talking about “generation change”, so I had prepared my comments for 16 and 17th.
But when I heard my result, 12th, I went completely blank…..

LOL “I only prepared my comments for 16 and 17th.”???
She is emulating Kojiharu ^^
Chuu, congratulation!!!!

The reason why she looked like her mind was not there when about 14th place winner was announced was because she was thinking of a comment!?!? lol

I want to read members’ comments which they prepared in advance but ended up not using for the actual speech.

11th Sae Miyazawa
This was the year I’d been conscious of “election” the most.
This general election gave me an insight of the bond of solidarity between my fans, and it made me love my fans all the more.

“This was the year I’d been conscious of “election” the most.”
Alright, it’s really nice to hear this kind of word.

Sae looked really having such a firm determination, and her Ota had been bonded together to support her in this election, too.

10th Rena Matsui
People around me has been highly appreciating me this year (and they expected a big leap of me in this election). So I’d been uneasy that if I couldn’t live up to their expectation.
But my ranking was almost as same as I’d expected, and I felt that my self-evaluation was not wrong, so now,  one night after the election, I am feeling fine.

Uhmmmm it doesn’t sound like she is expressing her honest feeling….

After the 1st election, Rena has become very shy to speak her mind and feeling….
I don’t think it’s wrong if she express her chagrin and surprise like she did in the 1st election…..
(29th→11th→10th 10th)

If what she is trying to say is “I’d been feeling the enormous expectation to me, but honestly I didn’t think it’s possible to overtake Kojima and Itano”, then it sounds like she is talking her honest thought.

9th Jurina Matsui
I secretly hoped that I would make it into the single digit ranks, so this rank makes me incredibly happy. But on the contrary, I also had some regretful thoughts about it. I also felt like I wanted to go higher.
It was the first time I experienced a thing where despite being happy, I was also disappointed.

8th Tomomi Itano
Last year, I was filled with disappointment and thought a lot of things…
But after this year rolled around, I actively started my solo activity , and I gradually forming an idea of what I really want to do in the future.
So it’s not about ranking, but the ranking of 8th I got this year to me means that I’ve come to the point where I have so many fans supporting me, and that is what makes me feel so happy.

Itano is so hansome….

7th Haruna Kojima
So this year’s election was over… I’m so relieved…
Though I decreased my rankikng by one, 7th spot is the most wonderful (if not highest) ranking for me.
I was talked to from my granpa or Chefs at Sushi restaurants…. and it made me realized AKB48 election is really getting a “national event”.

Chef…. lol

It souds like a counsilor who has a very strong foohold in his local town. lol
It was not a waste of time to put an effort to appeal her “Saitama Love”!!
(Kojiharu is from Saitama and known to be a passionate supporter of football team Saitama Urawa Reds. Her family and people of Saitama city helped her election campaign from grass-roots level.)

I love Kojiharu’s comment!!

Kojiharu…. it’s a good thing that you were spoke to from Sushi restaurant Chef… lol

Sushi restaurant Chef??? lol

6th Minami Takahashi
I have a countless things that I want to say, but I just felt the tremendous relief as the election closed the curtain.
I’m really happy that election was carried out without any accident.

But… come on…. this is supposed to be the important occasion where you can convey to the people your feelings and thoughts.
As I already know, Takamina is a kind of person who rarely gives us a perspective on how she is thinking about AKB48 and herself….

It’s like….. a teacher who were escorting pupils for school excursion, saying “I’m relieved that everyone could conclude this enjoyable trip.” after the excursion was over… lol

5th Mariko Shinoda
This year….. during the election (probably she meant Budo-Kan)….. I felt like I was breathing a fresh air.
Which means….. until last year’s election, I’d somehow cared about where I place in the ranking, but in this year, I could speak what I wanted to speak to everyone to the extent where I no longer need to care about my ranking.
In that sense I really enjoyed this election.

The impact this year’s Shinoda’s speech left was tremendous…
Sassy and Mayuyu’s speech sounded like the responses to her speech….

Mariko is all the more attractive when she tries to stay strong.

4th Rino Sashihara
I only could say I’m so happy…., I just felt I couldn’t say enough of my gratitude to everyone….
It was way above my expectation….. I was thinking it’s impossible to get such a high ranking.

3rd Yuki Kashiwagi
Last year, as I increased my ranking from 8th to 3rd, I’ve started feeling the fear to be under pursuit from junior members.
Besides, if I were 8th place, then I would have much possibility to increase my ranking more, but if it’s 3rd, it would be likely that I decrease my ranking.
And I’d been feeling this pressure. That’s why I felt so relieved that I could keep my position.

2nd Mayu Watanabe
I still can’t fully believe the fact that I won the 2nd place. I am like “Am I dreaming?
I’m really really happy with this!
Everyone, thank you so much!!

1st Yuko Oshima
I felt relief after the election was over. I’d been thinking about the election all the time (until the final moment).
Honestly speaking, I feel like that there’s a void within me after I lost my rival.

It sounds like Yuko will graduate AKB48….. (;_;)

Yuko’s comment, “I don’t have any rival”, is also very honest and straightforward… I don’t hate this kind of courageous comment!

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