48th Haruka Katayama
I was soothed by the result. Last year, as I dropped to out of the ranking, I’d been filled with a regretful thought – “Why didn’t I put more effort?? ”
I’ve been thinking that “I want to be loved” as I went through this year. So I’m really happy that I could feel you love….

Haachan’s comment sounds like Amina

47th Sakura Miyazaki
I couldn’t expect that my name will be called. I was thinking to learn things by carefully listening to my seniors’ speeches on this occasion.
I don’t think the number, 6635, mean the evaluation for me in the current state, but rather I think it stands for fans’ expectation to me.
I will strive forward every moment of everyday with a desire to improve myself .

This is a wonderful comment!

I didn’t know that Sakura-tan has such a matured way of thinking…!

Miyawaki-Oshi will bond together all the more after they read this comment….

This girl from HKT… Now I understand why people praise her literary talent.

It’s mere a comment but a comment tells a lot.

46th Nana Yamada
Just being able to stand on the stage made me so happy.
Though I couldn’t achieve my set goal, “within top40”, what I gained and learned from this election can enough compensate for it. It was really nice that I could join the election.
Though I’m still far from perfect, please keep supporting me.

These comments show the sheer contrast between the attitudes of AKB48 members and SKE, NME and HKT members….

45th Yuka Tano
My goal was 64th, and when my name wasn’t called in the list of Futuregirls, I lost all my hope.
So I’m really happy. I want to convey my thanks to everyone. I love dancing and I don’t want to lose to anyone else in it.
And… I want to put my effort on Stage performance. I want people to recognize me more and more.

I like this naive but innocent comment…. ^^

44th Haruka Nakagawa
This result convinced me that I must ponder various things. What I should I do now, which direction I should head for….
I was give many opportunities to be engaged in variety of work, but still I can’t answer to the question, “What have you improved exactly?”
It’s not enough that I just do what I am told to do….

43th Aina Fukumoto
It was one of my dream to rank in AKB48 general election and stand on this stage of Budo-Kan, so I’m genuinely happy with this.
I was given a word from fans which says “Believe you fans!”, and I felt from the bottom of my heart that it was right to believe my fans.

42th Ami Maeda
When MC called “Maeda!!”, I thought “This time, it’s me!!” lol
And…. Mariko-sama’s speech, “Crush us!!” really resonated with me. What she said was exactly what we need to realize.
What I want to have now is confidence. This year will be the most important year for me.

I have a feeling that Aamin’s time will finally start this year!!

LOL Aamin is trying to amuse readers.

Aamin was seriously crying when she was listening to Shinoda’s speech….
I really feel she has a pure heart.
I wish her all the best.

41th Kana Kobayashi
I’ve been having a nightmare every night recently…. like…. someone shot me with a gun or run after me……
But finally I could have a peaceful rest last night…
I’m 2gen member, so…. how can say… pride? I’m not sure but I’m really relieved.

Yeah…. when you are 2gen member, your pride does not let you settle with out of the ranking….

Ohh N (Natsuki Sato) and Matsubara….

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40th Reina Fujie
40th place for 2 consecutive years…. I was very happy with this. The moment when my name was called, I shed tears…
But maybe it was not tears of joy but tears of regret…I want to go beyond 40th…
I will keep believing in my fans, and from my side, I will be a girl who you want to believe in. 

39th Mariya Nagao
I felt happiness….. I really felt that I’m supported by fans. My fans have cast 7809 votes for me…
I memorized this number. I want to convey my gratitude to fans more, and want them to think “We are happy to have been suppporting Mariyagi
My fans and I are one in body and soul.

38th Miho Miyazaki
I can’t put my feeling into one word, but…. this year I again received over 8,000 votes, and I am just surprised with this number.
I cared about, not only my rank, but also the number of votes.
because I think that is the love you have given to me.

37th Chisato Nakata
When I was alone, I’d been thinking about the election all the time. I was thinking, “If I couldn’t make it this year, then I would never make it, wouldn’t I?”
I really pondered about my situation , so when everything was over, honestly I felt huge relief. I was like “Finally I can sleep peacefully!!”
I will keep striving. 

Cheers and applause when her name was called can be ranked in top5.

Chiichan embodied the original concept of AKB48 that effort will definitely be rewarded(・∀・)

36th Sayaka Nakaya
I dislike competing with my friends, so when my name was called, I accidentally yelled out “I’m sorry!” I wasn’t the rabbit, I was the turtle. I’m glad that I was able to convey to my fans that even though it’s a small step, I’m progressing bit by bit.

35th Manatsu Mukaida
When I actually stand on the stage, what jumped into my sight was huge audience and I heard huge cheers.
I couldn’t believe the fact that I was actually standing there, and had a strange and overwhelming feeling.
I was determined not to shed tears on the stage, and could manage to do it.
But when I came back to the backroom, I bursted into tears. 

34th Kaori Matsumura
I was able to achieve this surprise, not just by myself, but through the support of everyone.For the first time ever I could see the view from the stage, and received cheers of “Kaotan”.
You guys have given me the confidence to be myself.

33th Misaki Iwasa
I was thinking that I’m gonna win a spot this year…. but it took a long until I could finally hear my name called, so as I spent a long time sitting, I was thinking, “I screwed it up…..”
My spirit was diminished at that time….
So I can’t belive the fact that I won the 33th place…. This rank is too good for me.

It really sounds like Wasamin… lol

I guess Wasamin was having a tremendous pressure as she made a successful debut as Enka Singer….

>”I thought I screwed it up…”
Wasamin lol

I guess when her name wasn’t called when it announced the name of the winner of 35th place, she prepared herself for the worst scenario…. so it made her impressed all the more….

It is what we expect from Wasamin, an internet tough girl… lol
But, yeah, I really like this comment which reflects her personality well.

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