32th Shiori Ogiso

For the first time ever I could be standing on the stage of Budo-Kan…. it was such a happy moment…
This is also the first time I will join AKB48’s single as Undergirl, so I’m a little nervous about it. But since this time Undergirls has a lot of members from SKE48, I think they will be reliable partnera for me.
Thank you so much to people who’ve supported me!

31th Yuria Kizaki


I’m filled with the feeling of gratitude. I’m extremely happy that I could stand on the stage I’ve been dreaming of. ♡
It was so nice I could express my gratitude to fans. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!!
Tenkyu~~~~!! I love you!! LOVE!! (←alphabet) I love you~~~!!!

It made me laugh… I don’t know why lol

She is so innocent and cute….

I’m a little bit scared of Yuria-peace getting high lol

30th Airi Furukawa

It still doesn’t seem quite real to me, but also I can’t suppress the feeling of joy at the same time…
Uneasiness and expectation on me…
But what I want to be trying to say the most is to say my “Thank you” directly to my fans who have supported me and created “Furukawa” newspaper.

29th Akari Suda


I will make the most of the chance you’ve given me. I will proactively take on many challenges and want to share a lot of joy with you.
I love smiles of people who’ve supported me. And as long as I bear this love in my heart, I can grow and reach the higher place. I can do it, that how I felt from this election.

Da~su~ you’re handsome~~~~!! Da~~su~~~!!

28th Kumi Yagami


I didn’t make it in last year, so when I went backstage last time I was so shocked that I cried about it.
Even though I was supposed to have swallowed my regrets to my result of last year, I was really disappointed. But now I feel really thankful to everyone.
I have a lot of people on my side, which makes me incredibly happy!

27th Masana Ohya


When the cheers of “SKE Team S” were called out, I heard it from the bottom of my heart, from far, far away.
I wanted to deliver a word of thanks from the stage with the best smile. And I’m glad that I was able to.
Because we together are the “Masana Community”.

Our guru gave us blessed word. lol

Thanks guru….

26th Yuka Masuda
You have given this amazing place for me and I’m really grateful to your support.
But honestly I am not satisfied with my result.
This time, I was impressed by every single comments made by the members.
If I can join the next election, I’m looking forward to it♡

25th Sawako Hata


Last year It was more about surprise than joy, but this year I can genuinely feel joy with the result and the gratitude to you.
I was surprised at getting such a high rank. My fans are a really big form of support to me. I am absolutely blessed to receive this support.

Humble girl, Hata-san lol

24th Akane Takayanagi


A lot of different things were complicated. Even though the SKE48 members went up in ranks, my own rank dropped. It was really frustrating and disappointing because I was aiming at becoming 3rd Senbatsu members from SKE48 after Jurina-san and Rena-san.
Up until now, it’s probably the most frustrating and disappointing thing that I’ve ever felt in my life.

Oh… okay….

As would be expected of Churi, she wrote too much! lol lol lol

This news story is unexpectedly ordinary.

23rd Haruka Shimazaki


I feel just a smidgen of peace of mind. For the time being, because I ranked the highest out of Team 4, I absolutely want to enter the Senbatsu next year.
(Yamauchi and Shimizaki’s comments were the shortest)

…. yeah.

As always she provide us salty quality…. (salty: Shio/塩, plain and curt)

Even her comment is salty…

As always she didn’t put her emotion in her words at all….. lol

Senbatsu??? It’s not your job!!

It’s Karen’s job!!

Paruru “It’s not me, but my teammate Karen will make it!!”

Paruru is the front-runner for the successor of Acchan, I think.
Her unshaken attitude toward everything is reminiscent of Acchan…

22nd Asuka Kuramochi
In one word, I’m relieved. My fans’ “Trust us!” was really heartening and warm. I want to stand in front of everyone with a smile again. kero! (sound frogs make, and the nickname of Mocchi who loves frogs)

Kero lol

Mocchi is so cute, too funny~ lol

21th Amina Satoh
I feel very relieved. Once I the General Election finished and I returned backstage, I thought about next year’s one. I am steadily different from who I was last year. I felt really blessed (at the election).
I’m really happy about being chosen, even with the new girls coming in.

20th Sayaka Akimoto
This year, I believed in my fans, and could receive their love/votes in a poised manner.
There were a lot of moments that I could feel happy with more than with my result.
After I’ve experienced the election for 4 times, I was able to feel the biggest sense of fulfillment this year.


I was moved by their loving embrace…

Maybe it’s because of Yuko, members frequently use the word “Love”…

I noticed that, too. Sae and Sayaka?

19th Miyuki Watanabe


I was surprised at the many votes I received more than my rank. Thank you so much.
I will keep growing and maturing so that I am able to go over the tall wall that is becoming a senbatsu member, and also so that I am able to become Japan’s number 1 idol! lol 

How nice, it really sounds like Milky~

So Milky has a firm conviction that she is clearly growing right now.

Because… think about it… she was out of ranking last year…!!

It really feels like Milky can become Japan’s number 1 idol.

18th Sayaka Yamamoto


I received such a wonderful rank which I couldn’t even have dreamed about last year. I’m really thankful to all the people that have supported me. I was really disappointed at not reaching my goal.
But I also don’t intend to stop here. I’m full of eagerness!

What enormous aspiration Sayanee and Milky have!!!!

I really get excited with this top2 of NMB48!!

I have an impression that many of members from branch offices have matured attitude…

17th Aki Takajo
After all, I felt really disappointed and frustrated with myself….
But I was thinking that I would never ever want to shed tears on the stage.
If I cried when my ranking was decreased, then it would give people who have supported me an impression which makes them feel sorry for me….

This comment made me feel sorry for her…. lol

I approve this comment. There’s nothing wrong with this.


Akicha….. my heart is broken…….

Akicha left a really good comment!! Don’t cry, Akichan Ota, stay strong!!


Akicha….. I would never mind if you shed tears, I don’t mind if you express your inside pain….

Akicha….. T_T
I really wanted her to be in Senbatsu….