Can your heart stand the stunning beauties of these AKB48 girls???

Can you explain why you can still be Sashihara Rino’s fan?

Miyawaki Sakura (HKT48/AKB48) will be starring in Majisuka Gakuen 5 – accidental leak by Playboy magazine?

Kawaii ha Seigi

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Amazing Attack On Titan Cosplay by AKB48 Members


There’s something about beautiful girls cosplaying as bad-ass Anime characters that appeal and grab attention. Check it out some of your favorite idols look rebellious as they are dressed as

Team KII’s Valentine Stage is a Kami Stage! and a shocking truth behind It


February 14th is Valentine’s days. To spend Valentine’s day not with loved ones (or having no current loved ones) might be terribly lonely, but we might as well call these

SKE48’s Furuyanagi to disband?! and annoying Furukawa


I had a quarrel with Churi that quarrel has turned into a dispute… Fan & member reactions: I don’t know if this is real or not I wonder what happen,

[Light Post] SKE members version of Chibi Airin, Shingeki no Kyojin Fever, and 2 more!


To melt the mood that has been stiffening lately, let us have another light post to light up the mood. It seems lately our sister group SKE48 was livened up

Doodle Battle – SKE48 Takayanagi tries digital painting on Furukawa Airi’s face


. Fans reactions: “Oi! Tell her that Paint is good for her!! (and someone did tell her on G+)” “LOL This is ow much Airin loves Churi!” “Airin never disappoints

Sneak preview of SKE48 Members Love Confession scenes in upcoming AKB 1/149 Ren’ai Sousenkyo


Total 800K copies sold game franchise “AKB1/48” will release it’s 3rd installment this year. This time all of regular members of AKB48’s sister group, totaled 149 members, join the game, which means

Impressions on SKE48’s appearance in 笑っていいとも plus Furukawa Airi’s JOJO talk on MAG ネット


” Furukawa Pro has appeared on the screen!! ” Idol who has cute plump upper arms! ” Rena reacted to Airin’s appearance on NHK!!! . ” Unfortunately? she is an

SKE48 2-Dimension Club (2次元同好会) Interview – Furukawa Airi, Hata Sawako, Yakata Miki


SKE48, the idol group based in Nagoya has a club called “2-dimension lover club” (2次元同好会/にじげんどうこうかい), the group consists of members who love Anime or Manga, so called 2-dimension stuffs. This

Furukawa Airi will guest the Anime TV show as JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Ota and 2 more!


.  . . ” I couldn't help but save this photo…. ” Say, Yamamoto, Yamada, Yagura, and Watanabe… NMB members have such Ero girls… ” ↑ Please include Riichan in the

Majisuka Gakuen Suddenly gets Captivating as Sato Futoshi directed episode starts


. ” So it looks like Peace is the daughter of the head of prison!? ” ↑Some TV magazine already revealed it before. Also, there've been a rumor that Peace is the most likely

This is 48 group South-East Asia's Senbatsu members!!


guide how to get your boyfriend back 1. Watanabe Mayu 113 2. Kashiwagi YUki 85 3. Oshima YUko 61 4. Takahashi Minami 55 5. Itano Tomomi 44 6. Matsui Jurina

What will happen to French Kiss after Takajo Aki transferred to JKT48? and 2 more!


” Wait, is it true that French Kiss will be broken up!?!? ” ” Come on, where’s a source? ” On Twitter, Kricchi said… Kashiwagi: “We have decided nothing about

Furukawa Airi revealed the inside of her skirt in a train and SKE is again treated like a trash


※SKE’s 1st album and 10th single will both be released on Sep 19 “ I watched a commercial for a music album during Music Station for the first time…. “It’s

Let's warmly watch the Love Romance between Rena and Airin (and one more about Mantis tamer Rena!)


“I heard she was on a filming with Churi, Mikity and Airin? in Harajuku. For what program was the filming for? “Anyway, according to NHK’s staff, Rena is considered to

Furukawa Airi’s cute illustrations of Majisuka members!! and Rena to have another solo TV appearance!


“ Yomiuri Television is now asking viewers to share eyewitness reports of Matsui Rena for the TV show DTDX!!*DTDX has a segment that introduces funny eyewitness reports of show-biz people

Ogiso Shiori and Furukawa Airi in CA costume and Churi’s Appearance in Majisuka 3


“Airin looked so plump, she looks like my mother“I dont know what kinda gravure this is, but for a second I thought these girls had the real CA style! “BIRDY~~~!!!

SKE48 Yamashita Yukari is being really sexy and Story on a day of Furukawa Airi


“Sexy?“HER FACE. LOL“When I looked at it, there were so many things crossing my mind!“My thoughts are on that baby kart..“Ebi furai kare is 900yen!!“Btw, this one is cute too