Furukawa Airi’s cute illustrations of Majisuka members!! and Rena to have another solo TV appearance!

  September 13, 2012

Yomiuri Television is now asking viewers to share eyewitness reports of Matsui Rena for the TV show DTDX!!
*DTDX has a segment that introduces funny eyewitness reports of show-biz people by TV viewers.

Now we can confidently say Grick has so much expectation on Rena!!

Eyewitness report “She was….. alone.”

The week after next, Rena will join the filming of DTDX.

Rena, let’s take it slow….. Now it’s probably the most important period of your career.
I can’t be any happier….. Let’s move forward step by step, even though it’s slow, with sure-footedness。

■Casts in DTDX the week after next.

(skip), Rola, Matsui Rena, Wada Akiko

None of her friends nor acquaintance (Rola once co-stared with SKE in MJ but didn’t talk with Rena) are there plus there is the don of Hori production, Wada Akiko…

Can Rena be alright in the filming?

If this cast line-up is real, it’s probably gonna be a mentally exhausting filming…
For Rena, this is probably is the most difficult work, mentally, to date….

Before, Acchan was scolded by Asaka Mitsuyo (Veteran actress) because she forgot her greeting.
But it’s Rena, who is a very well mannered girl, so we don’t have to worry about her manners.

So Rena will be the 3rd member of the 48 groups who will have a solo appearance in DTDX after Oshima Yuko and Kitahara Rie. Man, this is actually a pretty big milestone!

Fushigi Hakken and DTDX…. Grick is actually aiming to promote Rena to a wider audience and not just the Ota!!
While Rena has been said to be especially popular among Ota, the agency regards this girl to have a potential to be popular among ordinary people!
I have a good feeling about this!!!

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Furukawa Airi 0:14 9/14

Ahhh I want to watch Majisuka…….


LOL She is really enjoying Majisuka 3.

I think, because tons of young cute girls appear in the Drama and the depiction of the story is kida like comics, so it has to be her favorite.

Majiuska is, I think, a great Drama for those who want to enjoy having it reproduced into an Anime in their heads….

I heard SenNezu in Majisuka 3 was so popular among those people.

Those people? You means people like Airin? lol

Furukawa Airi 0:24 9/13

I want to make this Churi into a movie lol

If Furukawa would become a character of Majisuka, what name should I have?

Matsui Rena 0:25

I guess it would be “Pro”
Tsuzuki Rika 0:25

Pro ( ゚∀゚)!!

LOL Tori.jpeg….. She named the image file of Churi, Tori.jpeg….

Furukawa Airi 1:03 9/13

Thank you so much for your support in S-jo!! (S女)
Thanks to you, team K2 got the No.1 spot!!

Meanwhile, I’m drawing Mini-Pi~su lol

Why don’t you try drawing the one?

*I followed the spelling of Yuria Peace by Airin and wrote Yuria Pi-Su instead of Yuria Peace (The “Peace” of Yuria Peace was originally taken from Yuria’s favorite comic One Piece.)

Furukawa Airi 9/13 1:11

Let’s draw together~!! Mini-Majisuka (characters)!! ?

I drew characters in a way that is easier to copy compared to the ones before (・∀・)