Maeda Atsuko and members alleged goukon party: Shunkan Bunshun already prepared a Further Story

  September 13, 2012

So they will release further information…??

Though they say they intentionally selected less shocking photos,
Otas hearts have already been completely broken….
If they release more shocking ones…. I…. I don’t want to see Atsuko’s passionate and loyal fans be hurt further…

They will probably release a photo where Atsuko and Takeru are embracing each other?
They wrote something like they attached their bodies closely to each other outside the store, so that will be the one.

>Sato and Maeda were left alone. They appeared at a landing of the emergency stairs.
Their bodies closely attached to each other and they were talking about something.

How had a situation developed in Sashihara’s case?

Anyway, what we want to know is 1. the truth, 2. the truth and 3. the truth.
If they are going to release further information, then they should release it right now!!
AKB’s management sucked up to Shunkan Bunshun around Nov of 2010, and it was exactly the period when Atsuko joined the filming of the Drama “Q10”
Since then, I’ve been already thinking that maybe Bunshun got some scandals of Atsuko and Management paid some money or let them publish Gravure of AKB girls to stop them?
Because… you know, there was literally no report of her relationship with Sato Takeru back then, which is quite strange.
There were several words on her blog that have still been stuck in my heart.
“Gaman (Patience)” or “I want to express my love to my beloved one.”

And what made me really confused is her remark in the beginning of the report, “I got kicked! I’m bleeding.” and….. why the hell she was so messed up? Why the hell was she hanging her bag on her neck??
Reveal every truth! Don’t release truths bit by bit!!

Recently….. I’ve started to think Bunshun is trustworthy while AKB management will always deceive us…. Maybe I’m at the final stage of my Ota career….?

I think it would probably be a story about Oshima and Nakagawa, because while the article elaborated Maeda’s conduct, it didn’t write much about Oshima and Nakagawa, who were at the party.

So…. will they publish photos of Oshima with boys? Or photos of Maeda’s more shocking scenes?
There was a rumor that Kojiharu and Miura Shohei were there, too… (It’s rumored that Kojiharu and Miura left the party before the 6 members)