Famous Japanese Gravure Idol falls in love with Matsui Rena

  September 12, 2012
Famous Japanese Gravure Idol falls in love with Matsui Rena

I think she’s been a gravure idol rather than an actress lately…?

She has made as much appearances in Gravure as the top members of AKB48?

Look. Her body has suddenly become  sexy lately.

Just one year ago, she was so skinny and completely flat chested.
How could she has become that glamorous in this short time?

To me, her skinny body was exactly my taste.
Guess she has become matured….

You know what? Even the Gravure Queen Yoshiki Risa is under the spell of Matsui Rena-chan!!!

Yoshiki Risa   9/11 7:03am

Please let me say this…..

My recent days have been spent secretly reading Matsui Rena-chan’s photobook “Kingyo” before I would fall asleep…. This book made me feel so much at ease like picture books I read when I was a kid. Ah…… somehow the scene where Matsui Rena-chan accidentally found this tweet and got turned off went through my head….. (゜∀゜)…..

There’s no way it can come true right?! Well…. I’ll be running around a school yard (to cool my head)!!!

I didn’t imagine she would become such a beautiful girl…

To those who say she can’t find success as a Gravure idol because she is flat chested: Girls don’t necessarily have to have big boobs to be popular Gravure idols. Look at Yasuda Misako and Ogura Yuko, they all don’t have big boobs but were very popular in their time?

So you may say that though her dream is to be an actress, she ended up being a Gravure idol. But if she didn’t get much job offers as a Gravure idol, it would be hard to imagine that she can be a great actress. After all, it’s because she is just too attractive that she can enjoy tons of Gravure appearances.

She has been literally dominating all covers of magazines with her Gravure photos lately. I want to believe that this is a sign that Burning agency (parent company of Grick) has gotten serious in promoting Matui Rena….

I love how she looks noble even when she is in a revealing Bikini.
But how about you guys? Do you prefer girls who have typical glamorous bodies do Gravure like Sato Seira or Kito Momona?
Honestly speaking, can they expect more sales than Matsui Rena when it is these girls who make an appearance in Gravure???

It’s completely opposite, I think. Well…. Seira and Momona are decently good for Gravure but as you can obviously tell by looking at the shelves at book stores or convenient stores, recent trend of publishing houses is “Let Matsui Rena make a cover, anyway!!” because it INCREASES sales.
Rena has been suddenly making a cover for various magazines. She will make a cover of Young Animal which will go on sale the day after tomorrow.

It’s just normal for idols to do swimsuits Gravure.
It’s been like this since a long time ago, and it will continue to be so.
This is the first, very important, if not only, step for idols to become great actress.

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