Amazing Akimoto Sayaka beauty transformation!

  September 12, 2012

Guys, don’t you think she has become soooo much beautiful lately? I mean….. she has become Excessively beautiful!!


Man, you mean she looks so glamorous with this funky glasses?

Some say that she looks like a gorilla or reptile, but LOOK! She has breathtakingly beautiful looks!!

Since she got bangs, she started looking more like cute rather than beautiful?

I think she will go with Cute style this year.

She is such the type of member who is treated as Gorilla inside AKB48 and as a beautiful matured woman outside AKB48 LOL

She has been regarded with high value since she ran a marathon.
I think she has been giving it everything she has got.

Okaro and KK…. or I should say all 2nd gen members have been becoming matured beauties recently.
Though, to put it in a different way, she has started looking unidol like.

You can tell by looking these images! She has been getting cuter and cuter starting with the original handsome image.

2010 Oct 4

2011 Feb 14

2011 July 6

2011 Nov 18
Because my Oshi is always in the lane next to hers, I can watch her fans closely. It’s so obvious that many of Okaro Oshi are actually women!!

I was stunned at this beautiful portrait of her….

You will realize this when you meet her in person. I bet you, if you met her in person for the first time at events like Kobetsu Handshake event, you would be truly surprised at how beautiful she is.