Fans that keep interrupting Team K’s show are scolded by Akimoto Sayaka

  May 6, 2012

AKB48’s revival concert series has started on May 3rd 2012.
It has drawn attention that Sayaka Akimoto scolded some fans during team K’s Revue concert on May 4th. That same night, she made a post on her blog, in which she apologized for her remark and explained that it had been unavoidable in the situation.

One fan who was at the concert described the situation on two channel as follows,

“Before Hikkoshi, Okaro said
“I want you to get high during upbeat songs with calls and MIXes, but when we perform low-key or ballad songs I want you to listen accordingly.”

Immediately those PinTike shouted nonsensical things.

Okaro pointed her finger to them, shouting “It’s these things that you guys are doing that I was talking about!!”

When she was leaving the stage after finished Manatsu, she looked apologizing to them. I think she didn’t want them to leave AKB’s concert with awkward feelings.

Another fan added,

There’re 5 or 6 PinTike who were really nasty
They were making totally irrelevant calls during MCs
They ruined Team K’s number Jigsaw Puzzle by their crazy screams and shouts
They shouted Kimutaku again and again
They threw away their tons of Cyalume
Their Cyalume were orange
They seemed to not change their attitudes even after Sayaka scolded them
Yuko looked really angry at them
They tried to pull Hikkoshi’s tape so hard

Those are what I can think of right now.

But because there were some newbie AKB fans, I found some understandable replies to these descriptions.

“Don’t use Jargon phrases too much. I can’t understand at all.”
“Is this Japanese? Please explain by using Gundam as a metaphor.( <- lol )”
“Please explain these. These are destroying my mind!!”

Hikkoshi ( <- TeamK's number Hikkoshimashita )
Okaro ( <- Sayaka Akimoto's nickname )
Manatsu ( <- Manatsu no Sounds Good! )
PinTike ( ピンチッケ ) ( <- Ticket color is different for U-18 fans, and it's pink )
Ruined Jigsaw Puzzle ( <- Jigsaw Puzzle is a title of a song )
tried to pull Hikkoshi’s tape so hard ( <-Tapes are used for performance of Hikkoshimashita )

But what’s more interesting is that these questions were completely ignored by other fans since it’s a rule on 2chan that users must search all the archives before asking other users questions.

But among all the questions, there’s only one which got an answer due to its nature.

“I don’t get why Orange Cyalume was bad. Do we have to use specific color?”

“Because Orange is too bright and cause damage to other fans’ eyes, it’s considered as taboo.”

But if this happened during other team’s performance, who will play a role of Sayaka? If it’s team A, obviously Takamina will.

How about team B?? Yukirin??? or Amina?? Yuttan (Yuka Masuda)???
I can’t picture Yukirin reacting to these kinds of fans (maybe we can’t even call them fans) by scolding them from the stage… Am I underestimating her? But I think other members of team B will take a role of stopping the audience’s bad behavior because… would they allow Yukirin to speak like Okaro???

Many of team K’s Oshi fans understand Okaro’s scolding as her attempt to prevent Yuko or Tomochin from yelling at the fans instead…