Majisuka Gakuen Suddenly gets Captivating as Sato Futoshi directed episode starts

  September 29, 2012


So it looks like Peace is the daughter of the head of prison!?

↑Some TV magazine already revealed it before.

Also, there've been a rumor that Peace is the most likely member who have will play the key role in the story.

The pierce that Peace was wearing had the same design as Prison't symbol,

In the list of “Active” bracelet, only Peace's name wasn't displayed.

She was sitting in the place of Judas in scene that is supposed to be modeled on the last supper

She had a mug that has the same design of the head of the Prison's mug

The transformation of Peace while Komimi and Nan'tene combi was crying out loud, Yagami's scream reminded me of Acchan's scream of the original PV of Beginner!!

Kizaki Yuria 1:01 9/29

I invoked “Evil” Peace this time….

Everyone… I'm so sorry(。>_<。)♥ [/do][do action="g-comment-post" name="Furukawa Airi" datetime="9/29 1:02" image=""] It made me soooo Moe!! Thank you so much!! [/do][do action="g-comment-post" name="Iriyama Anna" datetime="9/29 1:04" image=""]It was so awesome!!![/do] [do action="g-main-post" name="Iriyama Anna" source="

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ANRI, ANRI… wait? Where is RE? I'm missing RE?

Where're you~~~~

Acchi~? Kocchi~~?

Kizaki Yuria 9/29 1:09

Thank you for you comment!! You're so cute, Annin(。>_<。)♥[/do] [do action="g-main-post" name="Furukawa Airi" source="" datetime=" 9/29 1:25" image=""] Peace♪ Peace♪

Kizaki Yuria 9/29 1:30

Peace is a nice girl, Peace is a nice girl, <°Д°>
Furukawa Airi 9/29 1:33


Nope nope. I want Peace to smash her way as she is!!!!!



Nagao Mariya 9/28 23:43

I'm waiting for the on air Majisuka 3 with Shima-chan (Shimada Haruka)

Will everyone watch it too?



Takahashi Juri 9/28 23:46


Yagi-san is awesome~~!



  1. Thumbster says:

    You know, Komimi’s scream in this ep. really give me chill. Kuumin is so good in this!!

  2. I AM A FANGIRL, SO WHAT says:

    After the episode closes, all that I can do is screaming, OH MY GOD YES YUUUUURRRRRIIIIIIAAAA!! YURIA YURIA YURIA YURIA YURIA YURIA YURIA YURIA!!!

    and you can see how the fangasm is still getting to me even now. OH. MY GAWD YURIA.

    And yes, Kuumin is amazing. Non + Kumi + Yuria in one scene is just… WOW.
    And that KumiNon moment <3 and that KumiYuri moment <3 and Paru Peace <3 and the possibility of MOAR OMG MOAR Paru Peace moment <3 + MOAR Nobunaga glare is just….