I’ve come to have a conviction that you are enjoying so much this year as I see your smiles lol


Regardless of what kind of the news they were, there have been so many topics this year… lol

You know what? We still have 6 months til the end of this year!!

LOL When did you see my smile???

You were grinning after you shook hands with members…. 

Too many things happened in just a half year….

I think they still have other topics…

On the contrary, 2011 was the most boring year in the history of AKB.

It’s certainly because of the earthquake, management hardly made any big moves in 2011…
It was just the repeat of 2010… 
Maybe it’s the backlash of the refrainment in 2011 that they launch various things this year.

If you include Graduation and transfer, AKB48 got total 4 vacant positions, and they filled two of then with Aces from other groups lol

YoneHira incident, GUGUTASU club activities, Takamina’s mother, Dome Concert announcement, Maeda Atsuko’s announcement, Sashihara… anything else???

Harugon changed her nickname, ended up making a total fuss. lol

SDN’s breakup….. It’s not AKB news, but the biggest news this year must be this….

So basically most of them are bad news…..

But this year,  you guys look so energetic lol

I know it’s inappropriate, but scandals brings the most excitement to us….

Anyway, they release singles almost every month, and tunes and lyrics of these songs never get me bored. That’s one of the reasons.
Besides, now there’re many, unique members in AKB48… Thee also are Stage performance, Handshake event, concerts and events which always give us interesting topics!!

What made the biggest sensation this year???
Acchan’s graduation? Election? Sashihara’s scandal??
Which one?

Among ordinary people, Acchan’s graduation blew the biggest impact.
As for Sassy, most people haven’t yet read Bunshun’s article.
But if we are talking about online world, then Sassy’s scandal might be the biggest one???

I think among ordinary people, either of Acchan’s graduation or the general election is the biggest news.
But when it comes to Oita-city, it’s of course “Sashihara vs Nogizaka“.
And online-world-wise, looking at tons of Sashihara’s scandal related thread emerged from nowhere, I would say her scandal was the one which got the most attention.
But personally, YoneHira incident left me the biggest impact as the situation was changing constantly.

Almost every topic this year has no relation with what’s going on outside AKB.
And those who are making fuss are exclusively AKB Ota….

It’s like “Last year, we were looking at ordinary people” and “This year we’ve focused on Ota.”

I agree….. Club activities, or NotTV… these projects completely target Ota audience.
I have an impression that they are deliberately making topics with negative kind of news…
At this point, no one pay attention to articles which just compliment AKB48….
I’m lookiing forward to next “Documentary of AKB48”,
Especially special version (NHK edition)
I think it can easily reach 5 hours lol
This is the year filled with various topics the most.
I realized that if there’re interesting topics, AKB48 will never get boring.
Because “I’ve got more serious about you…..” (:from Lyric of Manatsu no Sounds Good!)
I think GUGUTASU has played a significant role.
We often see comments form gets filled in a couple of minutes, and now there’re more people on GUGUTASU than on 2channel’s idol sections.
So.. the first half of the year, top members showed what’s they’ve got in various way.
The last half year is your turn, next generations!!!!
LOL Stop it.
It’s only half year….
Thinking about what’s will come for the rest of 2012, I don’t know whether I’m looking forward to it or I feel scared…