AKB48 Dominates The Photobook Sales Ranking for First Half of 2012 (and 3 other stories about NMB and Rena)

  June 1, 2012

Acchan fans are pleased as they saw the news which says her photobook “Bukiyo (Clumsy)” ranked No.1 in the Oricon photobook sales raking for the first half of 2012.

(After I uploaded this) I will be going to work.
Have a good work!!
Congratulation Acchan for the No.1 in the first half of the year!!
Clumsy made it!!
It’s awesome to win the chart despite the photobook hasn’t been advertised widely!!
Bukiyo…. awesome!! Acchan is…. awesome!!
Will this photobook win the yearly chart????
Only AKB can break the record set by AKB…!!
As long as Mariko-sama wouldn’t release her photobook in the latter half of the year, Acchan will win the yearly chart, I think!!

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Sashiko fans pleased as they saw the news which says her photobook “Sashiko” ranked No.2 in the Oricon photobook sales raking for the first half of 2012.

It reached 100K copies~~~~~~~~!!!
She could win the chart with a little more sales!!
I gotta reread Sashiko again before the vote counting day…..!!

from Sassy fan thread

NMB48 Eriko Joe made us laughed so hard last night.

Joe on G+
“I’m waiting for my dinner(´xωx`)
“I’m soooo hungry(>_<) My stomach growls....
“It’s finally here~~~~”
LOL It looks so delicious….!!

What!!? At this late time???
Please! Manager!!!! Stop her!!! (<-lol)

She will get even fatter if she is free to eat this amount of beef after 10PM lol
As we expected, because this is Joe, it’s not Saizeriya (<- one of the cheapest family restaurant)!!
So she will surely cry at this night, right?
I guess she will have rice in addition to this lol
Eating steak from this late at night?
You shouldn’t be plump any more..
Joe on G+
“The beef I had a while ago was 500kg
That was the lowest calorie beef in the restaurant (●´・ω・`●)”
I’m at hotel now… alone….
Come on!! Don’t eat meet 10 times heavier than your weight!!
It pretty much explained the reason why she is getting fat lol
She mixed up gram with K of “Kilocalories”!!? lol
Did she eat whole vealer?
Joe on G+
No… it’s 500g!!
Because I’m stupid, I make such a crazy mistake!!
Wait…. 500g is the amount even men have hard time to eat all up….

from NMB fan thread

Rena Ota is working at a convenience store

“It looks like there’s Rena Ota working at Sunkus near my home!!
I couldn’t have stopped myself from taking a photo!! lol
From Mayu Ota
Thank you so much!!

I wish Sunkus did this Ads campaign at all of their stores.
Thank you~~~!!
We are so grateful for this kind of report!!
This must drive up sales!!!
I also once bought a pan called Batter Scotch because there’s a small ad on which some famous person  says something good about the pan (bread).
Thank you Mayu Ota-san~~!
I hope Rena-chan’s love for Melonpan will lead her to be featured in some commercials~~!

from Rena fan thread

This a sheer contrast makes you believe human beings are diverse

It literary struck me to dumb…..
I can’t believe Milky and Naomi Watanabe (Comedian from Yoshimoto agency) are same tribe…..
Yes…. rather… I feel the same smell from them…. the smell of entertainer…!!

I can’t believe they are same human beings!!! lol

Naomi is huge…. she is like 2.5 times as huge as Milky !!! lol

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