Brilliant Yuihan (and 4 other topics on French Kiss, Mocchi, Sashiko and Tomu Mutoh)

  June 1, 2012

Several topics on Yuihan, Sashiko, Mocchi and sudden star Tomu Mutoh, and photos from the filming session of French Kiss‘s new MV.

Brilliant Yuihan

“Ban is lifted so I can finally upload this poster!


What a high quality poster!!!


Yui-chan is shining more brilliantly than Kinkakuji ――(゚∀゚)――!! !!

I like this! It’s kind of like Disney (*´ω`*) !!

This video makes you appreciate Asuka Kuramochi several times more

“The person who made this video.. Good job!!!

This is an amazing work!!
Mocchi is such a funny girl~~~lol

This is an absolutely good work!!
Many footage of Mocchi I want to watch are condensed in this one video!!

Sassy is taking on “Burning Hot Water Bath” challenge

“This is erotic! (teaser of TV show Mechamecha Iketeru)

Wait…. Sassy….it almost…
Rino-chan’s panty~~~!! I feel like I could see her.. panty~~!
I don’t know why but it’s more sexy than nude…..
Magazine The Televsion says this was filmed in the early morning, and she joined the kick start of the filming of Muse no Kagami later in the same day
It looks like the water is really hot…
I feel bad for her…

Tomu Mutoh

“In this photo, she has a different mood from Wonda commercial.

Though we already know Girls will change..

In the reality, she just looks like a normal girl in present-day.

Tano-chan Kawaii….


French Kiss memebrs are joining in the filming in Macao

LOL This is where they did bungee jump in ネ申TV!!
Akicha looks cool in the situation like this!!
I thought it was Yukirin….because of Tracksuit…
By the way, it’s like they are filming the scene that 2 girls are only interested in bread while Akicha is doing Bungee Jump? lol
I don’t get it why they let “Reaction Queen” do this jump?
No… this is impossible for Yukirin… She already looks like timid in that safe position lol