Mocchi’s Sleepless Night

  May 26, 2012

AKB48 member, Asuka Kuramochi updated her G+ with worrisome comments late at night on 25th May.

Mocchi on G+

On 3AM
“I can’t sleep….”

“Though I have to wake up at 5AM, I can’t sleep….”

“There are many things in our life…”

“I don’t want to be a human if I rebirth…”

“Everyone, please don’t mind me. Please go to bed fast.”

Kaori Matsumura (Goddess of Gugutasu) “Kuramochi-san…(´・ω・`)”

Mocchi on G+

On 7:30AM
“My best favorite song.
A song of graduation, a song of friends…. by19 (じゅうく)
It resonates with me…
19 always saves me…
That’s about it… and I will go for the filming.”

Comments from fans include,
“Sometime we feel like thinking like this. Don’t force yourself to sleep. Just close your eyes and keep calm…. that’s enough for now ;)”
“arf moi non plus j’ai du mal a dormir, j’espère que tu vas quand même réussir a dormir”
“Wow! The usual French comment ;))”
“Thanks to Mocchi, I could have come to know AKB48, and you, Mocchi filled my life….
Mocchi… thank you so much…”
“What happened? It’s not like Kero-chan. I guess you’re being nervous forthe election, but why des it matter?
There’re members who weren’t even called their name in the announcement of the early result.
Kero-chan has gained many fans and huge popularity under your own steam. So…. don’t mind and stay strong!”
“We sometimes experience times like this… Though we understand in our mind, but our heart can’t stop a surge of emotion… I guess many members have been in this state…”
“I want to be a dolphin or killer whale…. if I rebirth…”
“Do you? I want to be a whale…”
“How about counting Yukirin? 1 Yukirin, 2 Yukirin…”