Who Is The Fastest Short Distance Runner Of French Kiss?

  May 17, 2012

In this video of Syuukan AKB, Yukirin runs with full speed on beach. Don’t you think it looks she was running not so fast??

It looks her daughter in team B run faster than Yukirin.
In this week’s episode of French Kiss no Kiss Radio! ~ Yell for you ~, 3 members of French Kiss talks about their favorite words from people and who run a short distance fastest.
From 3:00~ (audio video is at the bottom of this post)

Mocchi “We are asking you to tell us words that you can be happy when you are spoke them from people who you like, and we will speak the words for you.”

“I think everyone has words that they can get high or happy with. So please send them to us!”

“So Akicha and Yukirin, can you think of words that make you happy when people spoke them to you?”

Akicha “Uhm we are often asked  ‘What words makes you happy?’ at… for instance.. shake hands events.”

Mocchi “Yeah I’m often asked that, too.”

Akicha “But I can be happy with any compliments. I think anything is ok unless they’re swearing words.”

Yukirin “Yeah any compliments are nice to hear :)”

Mocchi “Sure”

Akicha “Basically I’m welcoming anything.”

Mocchi “So, Yukirin is…. a huge fan of that idol.”

Yukirin “Yeah”

Mocchi “What words do you want her to speak to you?”

Yukirin “What I want her to speak to me? From Rika Ishikawa-san???”

Mocchi “lol you completely revealed her name.”

Yukirin “Yes I pronounced her name.”

Mocchi “Yeah”

Yukirin “It’s not like that I want her to speak certain words for me.”

Akicha and Mocchi “What do u mean?”

Yukirin “Because that girl is like my god…”

Mocchi “You seem to be trying to hide her real name now but you’ve already said its Ishikawa-san”

Yukirin “Just she calling my name brings supreme joy to me.”

Mocchi “It makes you happy that she just calls you ‘Kashiwagi!’?”

Yukirin “Yes!!”

Akicha “Me, too. I will be happy when Tooru Nakamura-San calls me ‘Takajo san'”

Mocchi “Me too~! It makes me so happy when Kobashi-san call me ‘Kuramochi-San’!!”
(Like Komorin, Mocchi is a huge fan of professional wrestling, especially a star wrestler of protesting Noah, Kenta Kobashi) (In this video, all members of French Kiss confessed that they have a fetish for Muscle)

Akicha “I think he already called you like that!!”

Takajo “And…. I’ll be happy when my dog is complimented!!”
Mocchi “Like ‘Huuchan is so cute!’??”
Akicha “hehehe yeah she is so cute!!!”
Mocchi “A doting parent!!!”
Takajo “I would say ‘Please support not only me but my dog!!'” <- φ(゜Д゜ )taking a note…
Yukirin “You are relaxing your face too much.”
Mocchi “You just relaxed your face as much as possible.”
Takajo “Uhuhu (smile)”
From 21:00~
Mocchi(reading a letter from a listener) Who is the fastest short-distance runner among French Kiss?
I’m curious because I’m in track club in my school.
All of you look run fast!”
Mocchi “I think Otamaru is the fastest.”
Akicha (Otamaru) “When I was a junior high-school student, I was so fast that I couldn’t figure out what’s going on.”
Yukirin “When you were in track club.”
Akicha “I run 50 meters in 6.8 seconds.”
Yukirin “So fast!”
Akicha “I was told that if I can run in under 7 seconds, I’m a really fast runner.”
Mocchi “Yeah you’re really fast.”
Akicha “I got a score of 10 out of 10 in the sports test.”
Mocchi “That’s great!! I used to hate running.
I was selected for a relay runner in sports festivals every year when I was in elementary school, and I hated it.”
Yukirin “So you’re also a fast runner!”
Mocchi “Yeah, but I hated to run.”
Yukirin “Yeah there’re people like this.. like they are very good athlete but they don’t like sports. “
Mocchi “Yes. I love sports but I hated to run. You know, I don’t like the moment we set in starting position, and hear the gun.”
Yukirin “Yeah yeah I can totally get you!!”
Takajo “I also hate the sound of gun shots, and my body reflexively move when I hear the gun.”
Mocchi “That’s good if you’re a runner!”
Takajo “I used to hate running a long distance. I prefer short distance running such as running for 50 meters.”
Mocchi “I rather like to run a long distance than a sprint.”
Takajo “How about Yukirin? You are shaking your head….”
Yukirin “My life as a short distance runner has finished when I was in 3rd grade.”
Mocchi “It’s too short…”
Akicha “It’s exactly a short distance.”