2 Shot Photo Of Acchan and Kara’s Nicole

  May 17, 2012

As you already know, Tomochin went to the concert of Lady Gaga earlier this month. But it was not only Tomochin but Rena (she was together with Kayry Pamyu Pmayu and the famous voice actress Aya Hirano) and Acchan were also there separately at Lady Gaga’s SSA concert.

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Yesterday Acchan updated her bling with a post she talked about waht she’s been doing in her off time.’

“I finished the recording of my new single,

As for AKB, I’ve been doing live concerts, joined the filming for our new single Manatsu no SG!,

had interviews on movies or my new solo single,

I’ve also been learning in the driving school,

I’ve been moving around briskly.


I went to Lady’ Gaga-san’s live concert on 10th,
Nicole and Acchan
Acchan, Bocchi-kai members and Kara
and today, on 16th, I went to Kara’s live concert♪
(Kara is the most popular Korean music act in Japan, and Nicole is a member of the group, who are friends with Acchan)

Thank you Nicole~~!

Everyone was so cuteラブラブ

Watching all of you shining on the stage inspired me a lot!!

I’m having happy days filled with inspiration!

Acchan and Kara’s members have been so close to each other that they go bedrock bath together. She is especially close to Nicole who is as old as her.
Fans reacted with joy to these cute photos, commenting,
“Acchan’s smile is my happiness!!”
“Despite the busy schedule, she goes out frequently, positively studying from other artists!  She is such a professional artist!!”
“I was at there, too!! And.. My seat was near you!!! I couldn’t concentrate on Kara’s performance since I was looking at Kara and Acchan in turn!! lol”
“I heard there was Acchan call during the Kara’s concert (^^)”
“I’m envious of you….. I wanted to go to Lady Gaga’s concert!!!!”
“Because Nicole is my favorite member of Kara, this 2 shot made my heart!!”