Tomochin’s Single Ranked No.2, Full Track Of Acchan’s New Song, Salad In AKB0048

  May 1, 2012

Today’s AKB Nes Flash!
1. 3rd solo single of Tomochin ranked no.2 in weekly oricon chart
2. Salad
3. Full track of Acchan’s new solo number ‘Kimiha Bokuda’

Zyuunengo no Kimihe Ranked No.2

This week’s oricon weekly chart shows Tomohin’s 3rd single (released 25th Apr) ranked No.2, making her all 3 consecutive singles ranked in top-3 in the chart. This is the first time as a solo female musician after 10 years when Maki Gotoh of Morning Musume recorded in 2002.

Fans celebrated her both in person and online. Comments gathered on her fans thread includes, “Congratulation for top-2 for 3 consecutive singles! 73 thousands is a great number considered the fact Ads campaign is getting smaller and smaller. This song can be a long hit liike 2nd single Fuini, and I’m sure it will sell over 100 thousands!! I love your song!”

Salad In AKB0048 Is Exactly The Same As Salad in Acchan’s Breakfast

I’ll introduce in another post but probably you already know, breakfast in Acchan’s family is overwhelming. It’s like a dinner for normal family. Yes, this photo of her breakfast is not for special occasion but just a matter of usual practice for her family. Health specialists say eating a lot in breakfast contributing her sheer toughness she’s showed throughout her years in AKB.
But the topic is not about her health or her outstanding breakfast, it’s about the salad.

Absolutely the same lol I think I saw that fruit bowl in her breakfast before. There must be fans of AKB in among animators of this Anime, or they diligently run through the archive of AKB!? By the way if you look carefully, you notice shrimps are swapped with young corns lol,

That’s it!

Acchan’s Solo Number ‘Kimi a Bokuda’

In morning radio show, Acchan’s new solo number ‘Kimiha Bokuda’ was played full track for the first time
Acchan To Sing Theme Song For Movie ‘Love Masao-Ku…

She has become a better singer, hasn’t she? It sounds a bit flat but considered this’s a theme song for heartwarming dog movie, it’d better be a mild tune rather than catchy, tricky song. But the most important and interesting thing about this song is it’s lyric. As she describes herself, she is clumsy and this lyric is all about clumsy Acchan finds same characteristic in her boyfriend, like as if she was singing about herself as a girlfriend of her (as a boyfriend). As always, this song is full of AkiP’s love and sympathy for Accahn.