(Wrap Up) 14gen members Google Plus Update and one more about Oshima Ryoka!

Can your heart stand the stunning beauties of these AKB48 girls???

Real-life Sexy Loli Mukaichi Mion stole the show at Tv-Tokyo Ongaku-Sai…! (probly NSFW)

Kawaii ha Seigi

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SKE48 Yagami Kumi, “The GENIUS” – SKE48 Yagami, Hiramatsu, Kuwabara and Takada’s graduation performance


1. Yagami Kumi’s voice acting of Shinonome Sonata in 0048 – MJ 2. SKE48 Yagami Kumi, HIramatsu Kanako, Takada Shiori and Kuwabara Mizuki’s graduation performance Before we start the topic, we

Seiyu Senbatsu “NO NAME” now has practically disbanded [3 Topics]


Quick update of the latest happenings in AKB48verse this week. Seiyu Senbatsu “NO NAME” now has practically disbanded. NO NAME, the offshoot group of AKB48, which comprises 9 members, Ishida

MV of ”Kibou ni Tsuite” by NO NAME unveiled (and 3 other topics)


NO NAME “Kibou ni Tsuite”, MV unveiled. “AKB’s new unit NO NAME “Kibou ni Tsuite” MV (CD will go on sale on Aug 1) “ The fact that the judge

There is a parody source of the episode about Takamina and Kanota in 9th episode of 0048 (and 2other topics on Juryoku Sympathy and Acchan’s animal Kingdom)


There is a parody source of the episode about Takamina and Kanota in 9th episode of Anime0048. “Director Kawamori: “One member who were supposed to perform on a stage suddenly

Aisu no mi “AKB murder case”, members become Manga characters (and 3 other topics on HKT48, AKB0048 and Mariko-sama)


Aisu no mi “AKB murder case”, members become Manga characters http://ice.glico.jp/top/index.html“ “Super Bishojo (Beautiful girl)” Shimada“Aoyama is so poor at portrait!!Actually Mittsu is by far better!! (Reference)“This time, Aoyama doesn’t

Seiyu Senbatsu ‘No Name’ Will Make Single Debut In August


New subunit from AKB48, No Name, the group consists of Seiyu Senbatsu members, will make a single debut on 1st August, the source said. The single features Kibou ni Tusite

Let’s Appreciate Anime AKB0048 EP3


Stardust selection…. In the beginning, AKB0048’s mother ship made its first appearance. It seems that after Kirara Drive in the ending scene of the last episode, Flying Get met up

Let’s Appreciate AKB0048, EP2


AKB0048 EP2!! Let’s dig into the story from the opening scene! I thought this place was ‘Lancastar orbit station‘ which was on the flight ticket appeared in the last episode,

Let’s Appreciate Anime AKB0048, EP1


Anime AKB0048 is an outstanding Anime, but it might be a bit puzzling for those who don’t usually watch AKB48 in their original language. The more you know about AKB,

Mayuyuloid Anime AKB0048, (3 more stories about Takamina, Milky and Paruru)


After yesterday’s team 4’s Revue concert at TDC… Haruu uploaded a photo where members can be seen forming a circle before the stage on her G+. Haruu (島田晴香) G+ “TDC

Heavy Rotarion Reached 70 Millions View, Hearwarming Moment of Nakayan and Mayuayu (NO NAME)


AKB’s evergreen hit number Heavy Rotation has reached 70 millions view yesterday. This MV is the most viewed YouTube video of SKB48, and probably the most viewed Japanese video on

Tomochin’s Single Ranked No.2, Full Track Of Acchan’s New Song, Salad In AKB0048


Today’s AKB Nes Flash!1. 3rd solo single of Tomochin ranked no.2 in weekly oricon chart2. Salad3. Full track of Acchan’s new solo number ‘Kimiha Bokuda’ Zyuunengo no Kimihe Ranked No.2

AKB0048 Got A Positive Reception Both From Ani-Ota and AKB-Ota


http://himado.in/91036 Fans Reaction!! “Let’s talk about the indisputable fact this Anime was better than expected!“ “ It was better than expected. They chose nice staffs and finished very nice way. I

Parallel Story? AKB0048 and Manatsu no Sounds Good!


AKB0048 is not a light Anime. The story of this Anime is based on current theme of AKB as a group, generation change, and if you already know the concept

Seiyuu-Senbatsu To Form New Subunit, NO NAME


3 days ways from the start of AKB’s first adaption to Anime AKB0048, it’s announced 9 members of Seiyuu for this Anime will form a new subunit called NO NAME,

Kodansha Opens Special Website for The Anime AKB0048


After the launch of official website of Anime “AKB0048”, now Kodansha, Japanese publishing behemoths, opened the special website where they introduce their 4 original spin-off stories of the Anime, each is

Anime “AKB0048” Teaser Dropped!!


The teaser of Anime “AKB0048”, which will start airing the end of this month, has uploaded on AKB48 official Youtube channel. This anime is directed by Shoji Kawamori (Director of