July 9, 2015

‘Gyaku-Don’: This crossdressing model’s moe gesture gets Minegishi Minami pregnant (or makes her feel like pregnant)

kabedon gyakudon minegishi minami crossdressing model danso.jpg

Kabedon is a popular Japanese slang that has been around quite some time. It’s a connected word of “Kabe”, a wall, and “Don”, the sound of pounding a wall.

Around 2012-2014 it’s become a word to describe a typical moe situation where a boy forces a girl to the wall, shoving his hand against it, and then stares into her eyes, saying, “Shut up…”

First, this use of the term gains popularity among Anime Otaku, and later becomes a mainstream slang. Thanks to the versatile nature of the word (you get creative in how to trap a girl to the wall, and voila, it’s a new word!), we’ve seen an infinite number of attempts by both ordinary people and celebrities to create a variation of it.

This one, Gyaku-Don (Reverse Don), is yet another new form of the slang.

In the picture, crossdressing model (or Danso Model, to be precise), Ruuto, is gently pushing Minegishi Minami to the wall while holding her from behind, and whispering some moe phrase into her ear.

After that, Minegishi Minami was asked how it felt. She (jokingly) answered: “That was AWESOME. I’m probably pregnant now.”

So readers, try it at your own risk. Do it wrong, she might call a police, but do it right, you can impregnate her (or make her believe so).