For Her 3rd Solo Single, Tomomi Itano Wrote Lyric Herself

  April 2, 2012

Tomoni Itano Wrote The Lyric For Her Single By Herself

Tomomi Itano will release her 3rd solo single “zyunengono kimihe (To you… ten years later)”25th Apr. Today we have 3 types of Jacket design of the coming single, along with a surprise news that she wrote the lyric for coupling song “lose-lose”.

According to Oricon news,

Following the dance tune “drear J” (1.2012, highest Oricon rank 2nd) and house tune “Fuini (Spontaneously)”, in her 3rd single, Tomomi Itano presents emotional ballads in which she sings about complex feeling of girl toward her boyfriend with beautiful string arrangement. This new challenge will lead her to more artistic field of music.
Along with the title tune “zyunengono kimihe”, comes R&B number “lose-lose”, which she wrote the lyric, “Always I need you”, which used for 7&11’s commercial, “deal feta No-Face”, which features new face rapper No-Face, and her signature E-Mobile commercial song “Clone”.
First edition copy will come with her sign (printed) on lyric sheet.Both Type-A and Type-B are packed with application card for her live event “CLUV TOMO #3”.

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Tomomi Itano 10年後の君へ type-A (with DVD)
Tomomi Itano 10年後の君へ type-B (with DVD)
Tomomi Itano 10年後の君へ Normal Edition

Source: Oricon