AKB48’s Koisuru Fortune Cookie, Global Flavour – Ready to Consume!

AKB48 members’ cute GIF animation collection!

Sashihara Rino says her heart aches reading Miyawaki Sakura’s 1st photobook ‘Sakura’

Mukaichi Mion vs Miyawaki Sakura vs Owada Nana – Who is the most famous in Japan?

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Request Hour Setlist Best 100 DVD & Blu Ray get release! Contains “Hashire Penguin” Music Video


AKB48 “request hour set list best 100 2013” DVD goes on sale! ! AKB48 just announced that this year’s Request Hour, which was held at TOKYO DOME CITY from January

Team 4 fans can make “Hashire Penguin” to win the top 25 spot for upcoming Request Hour 2013?


” Honestly I’m no team 4 Ota but the team that has been endeavoring will disappear after the 2nd reformation. To leave a trace that AKB48 team 4 did exist before,

Dick shaped souvenir you got from Sayanee, and one more on Paruru, Minarun and Miorin on ANN


. ” Anticipated appearance of Paruru in ANN!! Will she host the radio with Shimada and Ohba, right? ” What a spoiler lol ” Shimazaki: “I know you guys will

Fanmade AKB members Singing ability ranking


” If they’re in the same rank, the more left, the higher they ranked. Tentative ranking S: Masuda, Sato Natsuki A: Sayaka, Iwasa, Katayama B: Takamina, Takeuchi, Kojiharu, Minegishi, Kasai

Uekara Mariko, Shitakara Lovetan….. Yokokara KK and 2 more!!


” It’s gonna be interesting~~~~!! ” ” It’s rare to hear that Sayaka had meals with someone elese. ” ” Wait… LOL Kana!! ” KK LOL Mariko-sama sounds like she

Comments from members who lost in the final audition for Miyamoto Amon produced musical ”Whiz”


Comments from members who lost in the final audition for Miyamoto Amon produced musical ”Whiz” Nakaya Sayaka Nakayan’s blog Today I joined the final audition of “Whiz ~ the wizard of Oz”

Finalist of Miyamoto Amon produced Musical ‘Oz’ selected!


“ Miyamoto Amon produced musical, finalists have been selected!!!!! Umeda Ayaka from team KSaito Makiko from SKE48 KKSNakamura Mariko from team 4Nakaya Sayaka from team AMasuda Yuka from team BYamamoto

Acchan To Become Detective for this year’s Aisu no Mi commercial (and another topic on Karen-chan)


Detective Acchan for the TV Ad of Aisu no Mi  “Pre-release of scenes from the latest commercial for Aisu no Mi. Maeda Atsuko has actually transformed into Detective after announced

Momiman Festival


Yudai Takenaka on G+ (producer of NOTTV (mobile (Smart phone) TV broadcasting company)) Hello everyone.These days we are often flirted/fished by “pictures” on G+, but today we present you flirting/fishing

TGSK: Next Ace will be from ‘After 8gen’


TGSK Next Ace will be from “after 8gen” Note: “After 8gen” means 9-13gen in this context TGSK “My personal feeling is that candidates for Next Ace are in “After 8gen”.

All Things Considered, Which is Superior, Team 4 or Team N?


1名前:名無しさん@実況は禁止です投稿日:2012/05/31(木) 15:19:02.73:9swAHdaH0From ordinary fans perspective, team 4 is superior?? 3名前:名無しさん@実況は禁止です投稿日:2012/05/31(木) 15:23:21.35:vRd8iGGZ0Team N started earlier, but more cute girls in team 4. 5名前:名無しさん@実況は禁止です投稿日:2012/05/31(木) 15:24:25.68:aok9gY/A0As for media exposure, team 4 goes far ahead

Karen-chan Forms Nama Ham Alliance with Senior members (and 3 other stories about Miorin, Tanamin and Paruru)


From yesterday’s (29th) G+ updates of AKB48 members. Karen Iwata on G+ “This is the moment when we saw the birth of Nama Ham (Raw Ham) alliance!!Yay~~~~!!!Members who love raw

Who Is The Fastest Short Distance Runner Of French Kiss?


In this video of Syuukan AKB, Yukirin runs with full speed on beach. Don’t you think it looks she was running not so fast?? It looks her daughter in team

Jurina Expresses Her Desire To Join Team K’s Revue Fast, (and 3 Other Stories About Komariko, Miichan and Chikarina)


Yesterday, the photo in which Team B member Rina Chikano aka Chikarina dressed in sexy cloths surfaced on G+. Yuta Niizuma G+ (Comedian who co-stars TV show with AKB members)

Avex Revealed Song-Lists Of Sashiko’s First Solo Single


I think 2th May battle of Rino Sashihara vs Nogizaka46 is also a battle between two big record labels in Japan, Avex vs Sony. As it’s gradually revealed that bonus items for

All 16 Members of Team 4 Performed Together For The Firs Time for AKB48’s Nationwide Tour in Gifu


Mina Oba (left) and Paruru 20th day was the team 4’s turn in AKB’s nationwide tour “Nonaka Misato Ugoku. 47 Todofuken de Aimasyou” at Nagaragawa International Conference Hall, Gifu. Team A,

Bakaleya Casts Did Live-Commenting On G+ During TV On-Air of the First Episode (Preview of Maeda Atsuko’s new solo single “Migikata”)


On April 14th, the first episode of ‘Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou‘ was aired. Fans could listen to the preview of Maeda Atsuko’s new solo single “Migikata” as a ending theme song