Uekara Mariko, Shitakara Lovetan….. Yokokara KK and 2 more!!

  September 17, 2012

It’s gonna be interesting~~~~!!

Akimoto Sayaka 9/17

I had dinner with Mariko, Shiho-chan (Watanabe Shiho) and Yukarin (Sato Yukari) \(//∇//)\ My stomach is satisfied, and so is my heart□

It’s rare to hear that Sayaka had meals with someone elese.

Shinoda Mariko 9/17

Let’s have a meet up again~~~~!!
Shinoda Mariko 9/17

Next time, let’s hold a Nabe (hot-pot) party at home~\(^o^)/
Kobayashi Kana 9/17

I got it~\(^o^)/R “@mariko_dayo: @akimotooo726 Next time, let’s hold a Nabe (hot-pot) party at home~\(^o^)/”
Shinoda Mariko 9/17

…..oh yeah( *;`ω´)

Wait… LOL Kana!!

KK LOL Mariko-sama sounds like she is a little bit reluctant LOL

Is KK, KY??

*KK: Kobayashi Kana, KY: Kuuki Yomenai (Unable to sense a situation)



Wait…. only 2 people belong to this agency!?!?

Because this agency called “Shinei-V” is the agency that Shinei created for Sakura Maya. So basically this small agency is dedicated to this one girl.

Komariko once sang “Tairyo Matsuri” by Sakura Maya, in Karaoke contest.
It’s actually a curious coincidence…



Koyanagi uploaded a video where Momoka carries Ishizuka Akari in Ohimesama Dakko style!!
That’s what I expected of members of NMB48! They always expand the border at the right timing!!

Koyanagi Arisa 9/16 19:17

Koyanagi Arisa 9/16 21:40

After all, we once again proved that Joe is such a cute girl.

Naru (Koga Narumi) is also in the ivdeo~~

Anarchy in the NMB.

She featured Joe in the video, which is what fans eagerly expect. Ohimesama Dakko is a timely and freaking hot topic.
She is genius that make this 20 second long footage filled with captivating images!!
Like what we listened in Yesterday’s NMB48 Gakuen (Radio Program), NMB48 is such an anarchy group in a good sense!!

Yeah yeah, this is what Ohimesama Dakko is supposed to be!!!

Ohimesama Dakko: When one person carries the other person in a gentle way as if treating he/she as a princess, it’s called Ohimesama Dakko.
The carrier put his/her one arm under the other’s back to sustain the upper body while carrying lower body by sustaining it from backs of knees. The one being carried usually put his/her arm around a carrier’s neck and hold the opposite side of shoulder.
In order to carry a person in this way, a carrier needs to sustain the other’s body weight only by his/her arm strength. The closee the carrier and the one being carried, the easier the carrier carry the body.

Joe is so cute….