Mariko’s Secret To Maintain Her Goddess Beauty

  April 25, 2012

Mariko Shinoda, One of leading figure of popular pop idol group AKB48, who also a model exclusively for More magazine, has a secret to keep her slim yet gorgeous body which allure not only men but ladies.

 Chicken pot at a pace of three times a week

It is a well known fact that Shinoda is engaged in hard work-out in her daily life among her twitter followers, but we also put a light on her diet. One day she confessed she is now into one particular healthy food in her tweet, “Recently I have Chicken pot as often as three times a week( *`ω´) So much protein♪ My upper arm is getting more toned…. (笑)”. She added “I started taking calcium tablets from yesterday… so I’m gonna have a crazily ripped body?(笑)”

She revealed her dinner cooked by herself in her blog, which has a chicken pot full of vegetable with juice pressed from a bitter orange, and choped cucumber on the table. Chicken pot is an ideal menu for women who aspire beautiful skin and shaped body, since it has rich amount of collagen and low calorie, as well as warm your body to the core.

Despite her mind-blowingly busy schedule, she has been dedicated to polish up her already gorgeous body with her healthy own cooking menu.

Source Modelpress

Mariko showing off her toned upper arm
Photo of Chicken pot cooked by Mariko