Acchan, Takamina, Mariko, Tomochin, Sashiko, All Star Members Showed Off Their Beauty In Wonda Coffee TV Ads

  April 5, 2012

 Canned coffee commercial is kind of milestone for singers, pop idols or comedians or any kinds of popular figures in entertainment industry. No wonder if you’ve ever seen ubiquitous Japanese vending machines, it’s market is huge.
I don’t know exactly since when, but at least in the last decade, canned coffee Ads can be roughly categorized in two patterns either features awkward but somehow lovely middle-aged man (Tommy Lee Jones for BOSS), or features fresh young girls, usually like a sweet day-dream suddenly show up in office where young male workers are working expressionlessly and cheer them for several seconds, then the men gets back his energy with coffee in his hand, shouting the name of the product. This commercial can be the latter but those male office workers are no longer there, instead whole Ads are filled with cute AKB48 giving sweett dance and cheering message to dudes in the other end of the TV screen. It may reminds you of Victoria Secret show (though this is by no means such glitter and glamour) or Japanese Girls Fashion Show (Kobe collection, Tokyo girls collection), or even worse, Japanese adult contents. But what different here is those girls are supposed to be “normal” girl that you may have more than one girls as cute as her in your class, and people are looking more at their story that normal, a little–better-than-average girls are working, practicing hard to make their dream come true than their not-so-special but related-yourslef-to appearance.

Whatever… please have fan!!

Asahi beverage co.’s new commercial “Wonderfull race”, which features AKB48, has started airing today, 3rd Apr.
Asahi – CM Information
According to Natalie,
This “Wonderful Race” version is an announcement commercial for the online-only campaign “Wonda x AKB48 this time we RACE!!”. Total 10 members of the group are in the commercial, showing rare appearance of themselves in racing costume.
In the racing scene, we can hear members begging “Hurry, hurry~~~”. Just check this awesome CM on TV.Surprisingly, the commercial has all-star members of AKB48, but given the popularity of canned coffee or canned beverage in Japan, it’s may be not so surprising.
cast: Tomomi Itano, Yuko Oshima, Yuki Kashiwagi, Haruna Kojima, Rino Sashihara, Mariko shinoda, Minami Takahashi, Atsuko Maeda, Yui Yokoyama, Mayu Watanabe(though Sashiko and Yui Yokoyama is not in the photo above, they are in the commercials. You can check them from the link.)