Finalist of Miyamoto Amon produced Musical ‘Oz’ selected!

  June 28, 2012
Miyamoto Amon produced musical, finalists have been selected!!!!!

Umeda Ayaka from team K
Saito Makiko from SKE48 KKS
Nakamura Mariko from team 4
Nakaya Sayaka from team A
Masuda Yuka from team B
Yamamoto Sayaka from team N

I kinda feel that I saw girls become such enthusiastic for the first time after a long time….

Everyone was so lively…..

So it turned out that Makiko has a real talent.
Those who have an eye can tell the difference.

It was by far interesting than cheesy and weird TV shows that they often do lately….
I don’t mid if they will solely focus on serious auditions of any sort rather than doing cheesy pranks.

Actually members were pretty much influenced by passion of Mr.Miyamoto!!
Their tensed mood, seriousness were conveyed directly to me!!

That’s why he is a renowned stage-director!!

That’s so nice that Komari (Nakamura Mariko) could maintain her pride as a captain of AKB acting club!!

What’s nice about this episode was….. “it wasn’t like usual AKBINGO!!” lol

It was so captivating. Miyamoto-san also gets so serious about this, and gives serious advice to members. I hope this experience will change their life in a good way…

Miyamoto Amon: “Whether you believe in yourself, that you can change yourself, or (give into negative thoughts and) think it’s impossible, it’s all up to you.”

I’m impressed in a straightforward way….
It’e like…… I’m struck by Hosare members burning spirits and their blood and tears….
(To Winglom: please explain the meaning of Hosare, To readers: We’ll make a glossary of AKB related jargon so that we don’t have to explain the meaning of these kinds of words every time they appear, and you can learn more organized way.)

My impression
—How awesome Umechan’s quick and powerful dance move is!!!
Nakayan looks sooo vigorless when she dances!! lol
Yuppai’s dynamic vocal ability!!!!!!!
—This happy feeling when Nattsumi was complimented…. (Related post: Election real)
Nakayan will transform into a completely different person once she utters sounds from her mouth!!!!! (Her dream is to become a professional Seiyu)
—That 26 y/o member of SKE!! She looks so musical actress!!
Komari was not so standing out, but she passed the screening as if it’s a natural consequence!!
—We all know NMB’s ace is a perfect girl!

“Even if you lose, You will be stronger” by Parco

Please!!! Let us show other members performance!!!! It’s not something you can mothball!!

It’s kinda hear-breaking to see Nattsumi’s tears…..
She had a though moment in the election, too…. I’m getting worry about her mental condition…..

She is a kind of person who hide her suddenness under a smile….

The result will be drastically different if Nakayan break out of her shell!!!!!

Her (Nakayan) awkwardness, timidness and provincial mood is the most suitable to play a role of teen girl, I think…..
As for dancing, she must go through grueling lessons…..!!
Other member I’m interested in is Saito Makiko. She may be stunning on the stage with make-up.

Anyway, it was enough to convince me that I can trust Miyamoto Amon.

Because we’ve been fed up with cheesy farces lately, this serious footage was so fresh and interesting.
But please!! Show me other members audition footage~~~~!!!!

I’ve become a fans of Miyamoto Amon in 30 minutes lol

Is this a coincidence that AKB team A, K, B, 4, SKE, NMB, each team has one member????
Maybe he chose a top member of each team??

I don’t think his comment to Sato Mieko (26), “You add too much small expressions.” is a bad one. I’m perplexed that he didn’t select her after this comment….. He can improve her during a direction process…..

 “You did too many small expressions….”
“But honestly, I think you are close to my image of Dorothy’s character. “

Her singing was awesome, so I want to figure out what she lacks to be selected by him……

Maybe she is competent but don’t have something outstanding or interesting to captivate his heart…..

Because…. you know, Nakayan was selected by him.

So singing-wide, Nakayan has got the most praise from him!?!?
Nakayan! You can be more confident!!

I laughed a bit when Yamamoto-san passed the audition just like “business as usual” lol
Yamamoto can be top class in any kind of field when she gets a little serious about it.

Even though I’m NMB Ota, I had a great pleasure with Sayanee having advanced to the final stage.
But I think this is enough for her. Rather, I want her to focus on AKB light music club’s activity, which we don’t yet know when to fully start.

If they think it’s about time to let Sayanee, a leader and ace of NMB, do acting work, then Sayanee may have a huge chance to win this audition.
If I arrange them in order of how much sensation they will make when they star the musical, it becomes like this.
But because this is a musical directed by Miyamoto Amon, so whoever win the audition, it’ll become a big topic.

Sadly, I think Umechan won’t make it at last…..
Her sing high-pitched voice is too weak…..
Musical is about singing after all….
Dancing, acting and expression can be improved with a short term training.
I laughed at Masuda being so serious about this audition!! It’s so nice to see someone who gets serious about something and puts her whole heart into it…..

If only I could know they will air both Jurina’s Shonichi in team K and the audition footage…. Why didn’t I record this in the highest of the highest image quality…… orz