Yuko and Jurina to meet together in team K’s Stage for the first time! (and 3other stories on Mayuyu, Acchan and Yui,Sae,Sayaka)

  June 27, 2012

Bonus items for Mayuyu’s second single O”tona Jelly Beans”

Go on sale from July 25, Watanabe Mayu’s second single “Otona Jerry Beans”, bonus items is decided to be “Mayuyu no Mesen o Hitorijime Toreka (Steal Mayuyu’s eyes! Trading Cards)”!!

To commemorate the release of Watanabe Mayu’s 2nd single Otona Jerry Beans, here we announce the bonus items for purchaser of the single.
The trading card has total 15 different variations!
5 of them are contained in the single!
The rest, 10 cards are gifted to only limited number of people who buy the single at designated record stores. As soon as the stock has run out, they stop this bonus giving. What card you can get will be never known until you open the package (of store bonus).
Some of them, though they are very rare, have message from Mayuyu on it!!

This is seriously cute!!!

Why…. angel is living in the human world…..

So store bonus is random!!?!?
It’s gonna be ridiculously hard to collect all card!!!

Please sell trading cards separately from the single!! Seriously!!

15 different variations…. It sounds grueling but it somehow motivates me so much!!

How much do I need to spend to collect all cards!!!!!

I think the best way to complete all the cars is exchange….^^

Great Detective Maeda Atsuko


Detective Acchan~~~~~!!!
Thank you for extracting her image!!!!

Thank you!! I love the one where she is holing a magnifying glass!
It looks like she is totally being a detective, but it’s also can be seen that she is holding pee lol

Good news for LOD subscribers and those who are incredibly lucky enough to win the ticket for this Stage, Yuko and Jurina will perform together in team K’s RESET Stage!!

TGSK blog

July 2 18:30~ RESET Stage

Itano Tomomi Seitansai (Birthday Celebration festival)

Cast: Itano Tomomi, Uchida Mayumi, Umeda Ayaka, Oshima Yuko, Kikuchi Ayaka, Tanabe Miku, Nakatsuka Tomomi, Nito Moeno, Nonaka Misato, Fujie Reina, Matsui Sakiko, Matsui Jurina, Miyazawa Sae, Yokoyama Yui, Murayama Ayaka, Mogi Shinogu

Yuko and Jurina!!!

Dear J and J!!! (Tomochin and Jurina)

W Matsui is coming~~~~~~!!!!!

Chintomo-san congrats!! Yuko will finally appear on team K’s stage for her Sentansai, besides, J and Yuko’s co-performance is the best birthday gift for Chintomo-san!!!

Dear J and J
W Matsui
Yuko and Jurina…
How many captivating features team K’s stage with Jurina has!!!

How I wished Akimoto would be there…….

Yuihan gets soooooo high!!!

After-performance comment

Sae “ready? 3, 2, 1 ….”
Yui “Hai!! So today was team K’s Stage…. I’m Yokoyama Yui…. uhmm Please why you make me do this!!”
Sae “Ah! I think you’re so cute now! You once again increased your fans!! Yu-chan is cunning~ Don’t you think so Akimo???”
Yui “Why~~”
Akimo “Okay so I’ll join you.”
Yui “So, why~~~~! Why you join us….!”
Akimo “Because I heard today, I can do the impersonation of Yui!”
Sae “Oh do it for us!! Do it and that’s all you do here!”
Akimo “Yeah, I do it and soon leave! But I need a space.”
Akimo “So… Yeah this is the first part of Manatsu no Sounds Good!”
Sae “You almost destroy the stage lol”
Akimo “Then…. Yui’s RESET!!”
Yui “Hahaha You are so mean!! Mean!!”
Sae “You know, exploding your energy is not the only thing you have to do.”
Yui “I know, I know, but….”

Akimo “I can feel you. You’re trying to give it everything you’ve got….. and it makes me motivated, but….. yeah you jumped too much lol”
Yui “But you also…”
Akimo “No, I can control it. I’ve been doing this for 6 years.”
Sae “Wai wai wai… today, during the performance of Yume no Kame, Sayaka was like this. (Sae starts dancing.)”
Akimo “Yeah I gave it my best today….. (Sae starts more weird dancing) Stop it lol”
Sae “(She is talking about Sayaka’s fist pump in the air so handsomely, but most part is inaudible for me. )”
Yui “So where did it go?? Where did it go???”
Yui “You make fun of my dance, but you are also….”
Sae “I first saw her Sayaka’s fist after a long time!!”
Akimo “You know, these days I developed the muscle of this part too much because I did fist pump too much…. So recently I’ve been trying not to strain my muscle too much when I do fist pump. I though I’ve learned this, but for today, I totally…”
Sae “Yeah, today’s your fist was too awesome!!”
Sayaka “And when I did it, I was like “OMG I did it again… I once again develop my muscle and become yoked!!””
Sae “So because Sayaka did it with her fist, I did it with my face!! (Sae makes Ikemen face, singing Yume no Kane)”
Sae “You should have done the same. (same fist pump) Why? Why?”
Akimo “Today, during the performance of Yume no Kane, Sae was like this (emulating Sae’s dancing) and it was so cool!!”
Yui “Yes, Miyazawa-san is seriously cool!!”
Akimo “She I was glancing sideways at her….”
Sae “LOL Please focus on the performance.”
Sae “You are a kind of person who would make a mistake when you’re not focused!!”
Akimo “Yeah yeah, so another thing is my jump. How much the camera captured my jump??”
Sae “Yeah~ So let’s do jump competition next time!!”
Akimo “Actually, I am holing the jump competition every time but no body joins me!!”
Sae “LOL You have already one competitor here (pointing at Yui). I will also apply for the competition.”
Yui “Yeah, I also join it.”
Akimo “Okay okay, so I think it’s a good idea to have a sub theme like this.” ~2:50