Comments from members who lost in the final audition for Miyamoto Amon produced musical ”Whiz”

  July 3, 2012

Comments from members who lost in the final audition for Miyamoto Amon produced musical ”Whiz”

Nakaya Sayaka

Nakayan’s blog

Today I joined the final audition of “Whiz ~ the wizard of Oz”
I…. Nakaya wasn’t selected for Drothy’s role… I’m so sorry.


Perhaps me in the semi-final audition which was aired in AKBINGO! made you worry because I looked a bit vigor-less….
Honestly, in the semi-final audition, I was filled with uneasiness…. for the fact that I would play a role of Drothy….
But….. because I was given a chance to join the final audition, I gave it my best.
The fact the I could advance to the final audition….. “You can have confidence”, Miyamoto Amon-san talked to me.
What I’ve been lacking is confidence (other than skills), I think. I know this since a long time before, but even so, I couldn’t have confidence in me….
But this changed today.
Maybe it’s too late?
But…. this place was… the place I was standing today was that wonderful place.
I will take on any challenge from now on with confidence!!

I couldn’t become Drothy, but it doesn’t mean my path to achieve my dream disappeared.  I can do more!

Yuka-chan….. I want to say this to you again….. Congratulation!!

I was thinking whoever would be selected, I won’t care. But if it’s Yuka-chan, she will definitely accomplish her role to the fullest….. so I will go to watch her performance.

And…… Umechan, Makiko-chan, captain Komariko, Sayanee-chan….. I’m so happy that I could compete with such wonderful members….. Thank you so much!!

And….. Miyamoto Amon-san….. thank you so much to put your eyes on me!!

Thank you so much to all for supporting me…!!

I’m feeling so much chagrin…… Yeah!! So sorry to make you feel the same way as me….
I’m still far from perfect but I’ll continue giving it everything.
Acting…. I love acting more than anything else.

This is the start for her. Nayakan will be putting off of her old self.
Nakayan realized something. She declared “I’ve changed today.”
How reliable our girl is….⌒~⌒
I read her blog. It looks like she learned a lot from this experience…. so nice….
I wish her the best…

I want to say thank you to Miyamoto Amon-chan for making her have confidence.

Personally I like the line “I’m feeling so much chagrin.”
I hope she will develop her potential more and more.
Her blog was unexpectedly impressive…
I hope this will be her memorial moment that always keep her motivated just like Kitarie’s Janken real…..
Anyway I like how she call Sayanee….. Sayanee-chan(*ΘωΘ*)
Nakayan. You gave me a courage and faith in myself. Nakayan….
Umechan’s blog is also updated.
Because everyone really gave this audition everything…… They were so much inspired and motivated through this serious competition…..
I prefer this type of serious competition to general elections….

1, 3, 4
Umeda Ayaka

Umechan’s blog
Today I joined the final audition of Miyamoto Amon-san produced musical.
I got so tensed.
The result is…..
I’m sorry…. I couldn’t make it…
But I thought a lot as I was performing on the stage……
Ahh when I first watched the live concert back when I was a junior high school student….
I thought some day I want to become like them……
And here I am, standing on this stage, I’m doing what I wished to do….
And I have a stage that I can show what I got to people.
I think I’m so outstandingly happy….
I was so chagrined….. when I met Miyamoto Amon-san at the backstage……
He had eyes as if he understood all I was thinking….. he just gently hugged me.
I couldn’t stop my inner feeling that I’ve been suppressing until that very moment…..
I cried….
He offered many words that will surely be my mental and spiritual sustenance….
The reason I cried is because I seriously tried it, I gave it everything in a true sense, and because I was chagrined…. and…..
Because I could meet Miyamoto Amon-san.
Actually this is the primal reason.

He noticed what stuck in my mind……..
and destroyed it…..

From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful for having the opportunity to meet him….


Though this time, the result is disappointing,

I got learned many things.

And….. singing, dancing……. even acting that I used to think I’m poor at….
now I love all these things.
Honestly I had a mixed feeling to join the audition, but now I truly think it was the right choice to join it.
It was a right choice to step forward and challenge it.
I will strive forward so that I can go one step forward again..

How can I read this without tears……°・(ノД`)・°・ 
Her blog, such a stirring word….. I cried seriously,
I love the fact she’s been looking forward without giving into any negative thoughts.
I don’t know what I can do for her in the field she works on, but anyway I’ll give it my best to support her.
Umechan….. had such a nice expression during the audition (´;ω;`)
Honestly I just want to hug Umechan when she comes back “our” home without any word….
↑ LOL That’s my role actually.
Umechan had never experienced such a professionally produced stage to show her acting…..
And sure, her singing ability is not that excellent…..
But she is amazing that she made Amon-san say, “I had a tough time to decide between Umeda-san and Masuda-san”, isn’t she!!
She did such a great job…..
And Yuka… congrats!!
But……. yeah I couldn’t say I don’t feel chagrined!!!!!!
Though the result is disappointing for her and us, this must be a great experience for Umechan.
And….. Umechan is a kind of person that will never waste such a precious experience to grow herself!!!

Yamamoto Sayaka

I can manage to admit the fact that Sayanee lost the audition because the winner is Yuppai….
But…… I can’t hide my disappointment…..
Anyway, Sayanee goo job!! You’re awesome!!

But this must be a precious experience for her future career!!

Because Yuttan has an experience, this result didn’t surprise me….. but….. uhmmm
Sayanee!! Good job!!!

I’m happy about the fact that her talent is acknowledged by Miyamoto Amon.
You know what? This is fantastic!! She advanced to the final stage!!
She surely got the confidence in the new field of work!!
You can proudly come back to Osaka!!
Team N’s original Stage is waiting for you!!

By no means, it was impossible for her to join this musical due to tough schedule in the first place, so I think this result will do good for her….. orz…..

Yamamoto Sayaka on G+

We finished with the audition for “Whiz”!!!

Sadly though I couldn’t make it….. I wasn’t selected for Dorothy’s role…..
It was sooo much fun!!
It was soooo feelin’ nice!!
Sure I feel disappointed at the result but the reason why I felt that way is because I gave it everything. I did it to the fullest☆
With this experience, I’ve got a little more confidence in me.
Thank you so much to you for supporting me><
I will enjoy coming Nicofarre live this evening!!!
Shinohara Kanna

Good job!!
You did a fantastic job!! lol

Sayanee!! You’ve done a fantastic job!! Thank you so much!!

As a result, it doesn’t affect team N’s new Stage,
and she was highly appreciated her dancing and singing ability by Amon,
So….. yeah this maybe the best result if you see this realistically!!!


Amon I do that role on behalf of you…..

Nakamura Mariko

It looks like she lost…..

It can’t be helped…. Good job, Komariko….!!

But through this audition, her talent has become widely known to people who work in this industry.
She had a great experience that will help her future career (⌒~⌒)
This is a mere start for her.

When I watched the audition, what I felt was Masuda’s determination. She literally devoted her life to this audition….
Because I’m Sayanee Oshi, I wanted her to show the same level of devotion….
While Saito and Nakaya forgot the lyric in some parts, Komariko, who surely has fewer experience, did it perfectly. Her courage on the stage must be highly recognized!!

Nakamura Mariko on G+

Thank you so much to everyone for supporting me!
I couldn’t become Drothy this time…
Honestly I feel frustrated.
But!! I had a so much fun in the audition!!
Thought it was only an audition, I was really happy that I could play a Drothy on the stage!!
It was so fun!
It’s so great that I could meet Amon-san!
Though I had a lot of tough moments until now,
I realized that what I’ve done wasn’t useless at all…..!!
I will definitely improve myself so that some day I can work with Amon-san!!
Amon-san said to me this.
“You have a capability.”
I believe this word, and I will never waste that capability in me,
and I will go beyond my capability, I will become an undisputed figure in this field some day!!
I will never lose to anyone and myself!!
So Nakamura Mariko will work frantically to forge my path!!
Everyone! Will you come with me??☆
Please continue supporting me!!
I’m looking forward to Masuda-san’s Drothy!!
I’ll definitely go to watch it!!
It’s because you’ve believed in me, I could reach this point!!
Thank you so much!!
It was so much fun!!

Nagao Mariya

Fantastic job!!
Let’s move on to achieve our dream!!

Nakamura Mariko
It almost made me cry!!
Thank you so much!!”

I want to thank her for her devotion.
Though she lost the audition, she got a really nice experience.

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