Yudai Takenaka on G+ (producer of NOTTV (mobile (Smart phone) TV broadcasting company))

Hello everyone.
These days we are often flirted/fished by “pictures” on G+, but today we present you flirting/fishing with “comments”. So… please +1 for the members comments with pictures which you are fished the most.

Mariya Suzuki san
“Midnight snack is~~~~ MOMIMANNE~~~~”
(Parody of catchphrase of Mariyanne: What’s our afternoon snack? (Mariyannu!))

Yuka Masuda san
“How much is my MOMIMAN???”

Natsuki Satoh san
“Hey man, why have you been staring at my MOMIMAN??”

Amina Satoh san
“Wai….. wait!! Stop it!! Don’t rub my MOMIMAN so rough! ANNKO will come out!!”
(Because MOMIMAN is acronym of Momiji Manju, which contains Anko inside the dough, it totally makes sense…)

When I first saw this post, I thought this was a fake…..

Whichever way you look at it, everyone crossed the line except Mariyanne lol

Come on!! Is there someone who can stop this frenzy!!

“Don’t rub my MOMIMAN so rough! ANNKO will come out!!”
“Don’t rub my MOMIMAN so rough! ANNKO will come out!!”

LOL They are completely being perverts… as always in these days…

So what the heck NOTTV is doing!?!?

“Fishing” can take a variety of forms….
It’s like putting bait all over your body, and dive into the ocean, then proudly shout “I got a good catch!!!”
June 11th MOMIMAN incident…

Yudai Takenaka

This is today’s group photo.
It was such an exciting Momiman festival!!!!
So Masuda-san will also upload  MOMIMAN photo on her G+ account, please looking forward the update!!
Don’t put MOMIMAN on your n*pples!!!!!

Maybe it’s belated to say, but…… Did the producer said “MOMIMAN festival”!?!?!???

Yuka Masuda on G+

He is so intense… Momiman-chan….( ^ ^ )/■
Mariko Nakamura “Masuda-san!! Great!!”
YUPPAI festival~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL Comments form are filling up at a crazy speed!!!

Sae Miyazawa “Hi…. don’t treat food in that way…”

LOL Finally they got an seriously comment~~!!
Yui and Sae are always making serious comments!! Never get on the craze~~~!!
You know what? That’s the difference between Cho-Senbatsu(Super Senbatsu) and other members!!!
I think she means that the members should look after themselves…

My imagination says….
Yuppai “Sae~~~~!! Why don’t you join us? It’s fun~~~~!!!” <- has big breasts
Sae “Shut Up~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!”  <- has small breasts 
Actually if I imagine the two are together, I can only picture a scene they are drinking together…

Live radio broadcasting of “DiVA” until early morning….

I can’t sleep until someone tells me who ate this Momiman…..

image source Yuka official blog