This memorial day started with Mariko’s strange G+ post (as usual). Mariko seemed to get too excited about Kojiharu’s birthday celebration festival, more than usual.

She even commented on her own post. lol
She maybe the most intentive follower of Kojiharu’s twitter??

Doki ga MuneMune… lol (= Mune ga DokiDoki)

Magnificent flower gift from fans!!! Kojiharu’s color this year is as everyone knows, Red!!!!

Maybe fans took the idea of the color from her-starring commercial Tsubaki?
Today’s cast for team A’s Revue are: Misaki Iwasa, Aika Ohta, Haruka Katayama, Haruna Kojima, Rino Sashihara, Mariko Shinoda, Aki Takajo, Minami Takahasi, Haruka Nakagawa, Chisato Nakata, Sayaka Nakaya, Ami Maeda, Natsumi Matsubara, Rina Izuta, Wakana Natori, Nana Fujita. (Only Acchan, Mocchi and Shizuka Ohya weren’t there)

Kojiharu is holding Small NyanNyan (’ー‘)
According to super lucky fans who were there, this is a mask made by Mariko, and first Mariko was wearing it, then Takamina. Since this mask has too small holes for eyes to see through, Takamina was complaining “I can’t see anything at all!!!” in Kawaii tone. Mariko is said to have found this funny Neko illustration from somewhere, and photocopied it to make this.

There was scene when Mariko read a letter from someone to Kojiharu, which is soooo funny.

“Haruna, happyr 24th birthday. When you were in my womb, I was thinking if the child is female, I’ll name her Haruna since she is going to be born in Spring(=Haru). Started from this simple idea, I spent all my pregnant life to come up with ideal Chinese Characters for your name. I cared about the number of strokes, balance, and found 陽 of 太陽(the sun) can be read Haru. With the hope that I want you to be a bright person like the sun, I named you 陽菜. About since 5 years ago, Hina and Haruna is becoming top popular names for female children, so I’m selfconfident with myself  that came up with this name 24 yeas ago.”

“Since you were a child, you love singing songs. You used to pile up Zabuton to make a stage and hold a glass bottle of 100JPY soda, singing everyday. When you played a role of princess in the musical Aladdin and magic lamp in the senior class of kindergarten, I determined that I’ll make you an idol. We used to go dance lessons together, though now there’s a huge gap of dance skill between us, we recently danced Kaze ha Fuiteiru together.”

“Happy 24th birthday. Haruna, you are so lucky that so many your fans and members are celebrating your birthday. Always have a sense of gratitude in your mind, take care of your health, take off your makeup before you go to bed, do stretching after taking a bath, and keep showing your bright smile for us. “

P.S. I can’t answer your phone because tonight is the night of Exile’s live-concert.


Fans reacted with comments like “The mother of Genius is also Genius.” “Yasusu Approved No.1 comedian of AKB is inherited her talent from her mother.” “Not her beauty but her talent of comedy is in the DNA of her family.”

When Haruna talked her resolution for the 24th year of her life, she said “Thanks to the support from fans, I could get a firm confident. For instance, people praised my appearance in commercial for Tsubaki at shake-hands event like ‘You are so beautiful in the Ads!!'”…. then Takamina and Mariko suddenly started singing “You are beautiful~~~”  Haruna, though being blushed with this sudden request, showed her Tsubaki posing for everyone.

It’s not sure that when this happened in the festival, but maybe after Haruna blew off the candles, before asking comment from Haruna, Takamina spoke to everyone “Then we will present our celebration dance for Haruna”. With this words, everyone started their own impromptu (mysterious) dance and strolling around Haruna, which seemingly confused Haruna like “Ww….what is this…!?!?”. Takamina revealed this was arranged when they asked Haruna “Nyan Nyan, please stay away a bit?” while they were gathering in a circle before the show.

After everything was over and when everyone were leaving the stage, Kojiharu alone brought herself to the right side of the stage and back to the left side, then greeted to audience saying thank you. As she was leaving the stage to the left side of the stage, she gave us a flying kiss!!

After Mariko read the letter from Kojiharu’s mom, she turned to Takamina, said “Now Takamina will present words for Kojiharu.” It seemed that this was not arranged, and Takamia looked upset for a short time. Takamina couldn’t come up with proper words and said “Uhm……. Haruna looked relaxed, calm but she has a high awareness as a professional…. and she is bute…”. Since she talked as if she was looking Kojiharu from men’s gaze, fans reacted like this was not an usual reaction of Takamina.

Then Takamina stated “Non Non I’m saying this on behalf of youー.” Only one audience clapped for this remark, so Takamina made a funny remark mocking him with her usual straight forward wit.

She ended this awkward mood by her shout, “Everyone! Do you like NyanNyanー??”
Takamina “Do you want NyanNyan to be you girlfriendー??”
Mariko calmly pointed out “I think it’s not correctly describing fans thoughts.” lol

According to some fans who were there, Mariko and Takamina looked unusually tensed and excited throughout the show.

Kojiharu reportedly had teary eyes while Mariko was reading the letter from her mom, and she took a long time to state her resolution for this year and her future. She also mentioned her future graduation, said “I still want to be in AKB more time, and I feel fans still want and need and love to see me in AKB, so I am going to be with you in AKB and try showing my best to all the people as a member of this team.”

She added “I’ll keep my effort so that I can lead members by one horse length (= horse racing term, as they currently join Gachi-Uma campaign)”

Minami, Nyan, Mariko
Mariko seems to be high on Nyaro (Kojiharu)
How much this divine smile has given energy, power and courage to this society… 

Off shot after the show from Mariko’s G+

Thanks for reading!!