If they’re in the same rank, the more left, the higher they ranked.

Tentative ranking
S: Masuda, Sato Natsuki
A: Sayaka, Iwasa, Katayama
B: Takamina, Takeuchi, Kojiharu, Minegishi, Kasai
C: Kashiwagi, Mayuyu
D: Komariko, Miyazawa, Yokoyama, Harukyan, Myao
E: Acchan, Yuko, Lovetan, Suzuran
F: Sashihara, Tomochin, Haruka
G: Mariko, Kitarie

Actually Iwasa is far better than N.

Because N doesn’t have much voice volume,
You can rank her down by one.
By the way, where’s Kuramochi?

Iwasa was awful in Akimatsuri. She’s improved so much.

I went to watch WHIZ. And I found Maruda has improved herself so much.

Iwasa has also improved herself through promotion activities.

Akimoto has been great from the beginning.

Come on, Acchan must be at lease C.

You will know when you listen to Sakura no Hanabira or Migikata.

In terms of Singing Skill, Acchan is better than Yuko.

DiVA members


Sato Natsuki

She can sing in a correct key, her voice is stable and has a nice quality of voice.

The problem about her is voice volume.

Sure, she has a room to improve in Chorus part but I gave her S.

I thought Akimoto also deserves S, but because she sings a bit monotonously and sometimes goes off key, so she ended up A.

I think Shinoda hasn’t sung solo….?

Akimoto sings very well,

but she actually lacks a skill, and she sometimes goes off key.

But still, thanks to her inborn talent, she can be placed at A.

Sure, actually she sings in her own fashion too much.
But that also means she has a grea talent because with that beautiful voice and voice volume, she can sing outstandingly even though it’s not something professional.
It’s a bit of a waste of her talent that she doesn’t take a professional training.

I must admit Kitahara has guts as she can sing in front of people with this level of singing skill….

Please watch this video before talking about Okaro’s vocal quality.

Though this footage isn’t widely known, she displays an outstanding quality here.


Maybe Okaro is the only member who can sing Jazz Vocal just normally.

I think Takahashi is place at the right position.

Sure, she is bad at singing at a correct key, but she has a very carrying voice.

Where’s Karen? She may be placed at A?

Lovetan has improved her singing skill!?
Back when Kitahara Diamond was a craze among the fandom, people made an image of Kitahara as a bad singer,
But actually Lovetan was worse than Kitahara, wasn’t she?

She is not good, but not as bad as Kitahara Diamond.

N Nacchi’s vibrato is so beautiful.
She doesn’t seek a powerful type of singing and she doens’t need to do so.

Nakaya has a very penetrating voice.
She can sing correct key.

Mayuyu & Takamina, their recent live singing

Oh wait? Why there’s no Iwata Karen?

I think she is a very good singer!

Nakaya is also a good singer but maybe it’s because of her voice quality?

Actually the only girls who market themselves as pure singing skills are Masuda and Iwasa.
I think both of them can be placed far above the rest.
Takamina, whose solo debut has been announced, will surely rack up training, so I’m expecting how she will improve herself.

I think Iwasa is marketing herself more like an unique Enka singer who is also AKB48 member.
She can’t sing perfectly naturally, so I kinda feel she is somewhere between AKimoto and Katayama.

↑I think so, too, but people say Iwasa has been being improved herself lately.

Yokoyama rarely off the rhythm but she lacks the voice volume.
I think her goal is to become a singer, but if so, she needs to be higher among AKB girls….

How about ranking between Akimoto, Iwasa and Sato Natsuki?

I think Sato>AKimoto>Iwasa.

Mayuyu is not actually a good singer,
But the thing is, she has been rapidly improving herself.
Last year, she was probably placed D, but now that she has trained so much,
She now can stack up to Kashiwagi, I think.

Katayama Haachan frequently went off the rhythm….

I have a feeling that if Katayama and Akimoto or even Senbtsu members joined the audition for WHIZ,
the result will be different.

↑There’re people saying like this,
but that can’t be possible.
Only Masuda can sing HOME perfectly.

By the way, Suzuran won the singing battle over Harukyan in AKBINGO!….



I think Yokoyama>Watanabe Mayu>Kashiwagi

Kashiwasi sings in Tsunku’s style and lowering her quality of singing by herself.

Watanabe never goes off rhythm, but sometimes sings in too much Anime Song style and it drops her value down.

Kojima-san was great.
Takamina sang in too low voice.
Miichan… I couldn’t hear you(´;ω;`)

It goes like this?

Even though I agree that Sayaka is better than Atsuko, I think whether a song matches a singer or not is very important factor to judge the song performance.
When I watch Kohaku, I felt only Atsuko can express the mood of the song Flower.


I think if you judge Yokoyama from this video, Acchan’s Migikata sounds much better than her.

If you include Umecha, she must be below D.
Because her singing performance is very unstable, she can’t be above Yokoyama or Takeuchi.

Though over all this performance is not something you can praise, but Kojima-san displayed the most steady performance while Miichan is the first person whose voice has decreased.
I think among no3b members, who can stack up to Kasai is only Kojima-san.

Sure, Kasai, Kojiharu and Mayuyu sing well, but they sound a bit nasal…

↑They’re far better than Miichan, My Oshi, because they can sing loud.
Rich volume of voice is something essential to be a singer.

S: Masuda
A: Sayaka, Iwasa, Sato Natsuki
B: Takamina, Kojiharu, Minegishi, Kasai, Karen
C: Katayama, Kashiwagi, Mayuyu, Takeuchi, Yokoyama
D: Komariko, Miyazawa, Harukyan, Myao, Acchan
E: Suzuran, Tomochin, Sashihara, Umechan
F: Lovetan, Yuko, Haruka, SUuchan
G: Mariko, Kitarie
H: Miorin

↑That’s nice.

While I was serching for Nakayan’s song, I encountered this one lol

It’s impossible to rank Takamine below Haachan after you listened to Itoshisa no Axel in live singing.