Saeed Yokota Elena graduation performance and one more about Muto Tomu’s day

  October 6, 2012

Tomu = 10 and 6 = Oct 6th!
Let’s enjoy Muto Tomu festival~~~!!!

And June 10th is the day of Mutou (6+10)


Beatiful Tomu

She is so cute……. It hurts my heart….

MV of Show Fights gave me goosebumps….

Cool type of songs suits her better than cute types of songs.

Do you have Sato-san’s day and Nito-san’s day as well??

Sato = 3.10, Nito = 2.10

Tomu-chan’s gaze has a tremendous power!

I actually think she will certainly become very popular and big.

She looks so awesome when she performs as Center.
It’s good to see this girl gets front positions as she is a type of girl that we rarely see in AKB48.

Tomu-san back when she had a natural curly hair.

Give me her facial expression like a God of War in the mV of Show Fight!!

↑Freaking cool…..

I’m here to support you guys!!
Show Fight!! Tomu-chan!!

This tremendous world view exuding from her and her performance is something that we can call ART…..

Funny Tomu-san series^^

Probably because today’s is the last day of Saeed as a member of AKB48, she can’t appeal her day….


Tano Yuka 16:44

Gift from Saeed family!!


Besides this one, there’re gifts from Muto familky, Cakes,
and Cookies from Omori Family~~~(*´`)

Cake and Cookie,
I had them already(゚∀゚)

I’m gonna eat Pudding after the theater performance~( ゚∀ ゚)

Tano Yuka

The evening show!(;_;)

Tano Yuka

I will prepare for it(;_;)!!!!


↑This is the final Theater performance of Saeed….

Izuta Rina 17:35

We finished with the 1st Theater performance for today!

I hope we can perform the stage that can be our good memory.

This is a cake from Tomu’s familky~☆
And, a little before today’s 1st theater performance,
Mikly-chan visited the theater~(〃▽〃)

Though there’s no photo, we talked with each other♪
It was fun\(^^)/



Takahashi Juri 20:11

From bottom of my heart,
Otsukaresama, Saeed.

Oshima Ryoka 10/6 20:16

Elena-san…. I wanted to join the show….(´._.`)


↑Saeed…. She’s crying hard….

↑x2 Saeed, good job……・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

Saeed’s final performace was over.
NHK’s IshiharaP was at the theater…
The last farewell words for Saeed, because Hilary was crying so hard, she couldn’t talk anything at first lol
It was such a grave mood,
But Saeed, you must be so happy as many of your friends sent off you so warmly….

It’s great that all of her peer 12th generation members including Suzuki Rika came to the show to send her off….

Hashimoto Hikari 10/6 21:22

Good evening☆
I joined today’s performance as Ponpon-tai(^-^)/

Somehow I got so tense todayゞ
But it was so much fun(>.<)y-~
Elena-san, Otsukaresamadeshita(>_<)
I love Elena-san, you’re so funny and kind★
Wish all the best for your future(^-^)/
The photo is a 2 shot with Mogi-san who performed Ponpon-tai together with me today\(^-^)/
It’s a rare 2shotφ(..)

Morikawa Ayaka 21:34


Today, we held Elechan’s gradnation performance.
Elechan, I love you!!!!

I’m not sure I could speak my message to you properly because I cried too hard.

But anyway, I love you so much Elechan! Wish the best luck for you!!
And today’s 1st performance was Mitsuki-chan’s Snetansai!

Happy Birthday~!


Takashima Yurina 21:36 10/6 21:36


It was Saeed Yokota Elena-san’s last performance…
As everyone says, Elena-san has a broad heart, and very funny person, she is always brilliant. We’ve had frolicked each other, and had really fun time until now.
Because Elena-san and I both perform Under for team 4’s Boku no Taiyou, she told me to ask if I have something that I can’t understand well. Any single word from Elena-san always relieved my heart.

It’s sad that I can no longer frolic with you and make a fuss together,
But I hope even though we will walk different paths, we still move forward together!!
It’s not that we won’t be able to meet with each other anymore!!
Elena-san, thank you so much!!
I love you!
Hope we can meet with each other somewhere sometime!


Tano Yuka 21:48

Saeed, thank you so much(*´`)
All 12gen members gathered here(。・・。)♡
Rika also came to the theater(゚∀゚)




Rika-chan in Center

Yukarun, Elechan and Rikachan were members of team IEA and were very close to each other….

It’s so nice that Rika-chan can just normally appear in the photo…..
Nowadays we have so mcuh members who left the grop due to scandals or violation of the rule….

↑Except Acchan, Rikachan was the only member who graduated AKB48 without any problem in this year….

Tano Yuka 10/6 22:17

I didn’t want to make a final greeting(;_;)
Tano Yuka 10/6 22:18

I didn’t want it to finish(;_;)
But….. it finished….(/ _ ; )

Nishino Miki 22:18

I love Elena-san’s smile(。>ω<。)
At last, because of all sorts of emotions came up in my mind, I was crying(╥﹏╥)
Elena-san did a lot of kind things to me o(^▽^)o
I felt so happy when Elena-san told me to keep trying my best(≧∇≦)
Elena-san, I wish your best, too!!!!

Aigasa Moe 22:24


And the 2nd performance was Elena-san’s graduation performance!

I had an impression that I’ve been close to Elena-san lately,
and we did gag together,
we played together,
she is very kind and I really loves her so much.
So it’s very sad that we can no longer perform the same stage.


Though I cried during Boku no Taiyo,
but I think I could send her off with a smile at last! (^o^)
The photo was sent from Yuka-san!!!
Thank you so much!!

I was so great that I could join the unit with Elena-san and Yuka-san at your last performance\(^o^)/

Elena-san, I love you!!!!




Saeed is so tall when she is surrounded by two tiny members….

Saeed is big!

Iwata Karen 10/6 22:29

We finished the theater performance…….!!!!!

All 12gen members gathered here~~~~!!!(/Д`。)♪
It was filled with tears! tears!…. it was the best performance ever…..

Elena, thank you so much!

And we’re and will always be close to each other!



Messi, where are you looking at lol

Juri, look at the camera lol

Uhmmm this is the adolescence….

Omori Miyu 10/6 22:47

Today was the last day that I can perform with Elechan…

All 12gen members gathered today!
Because Elechan and I have been so close to each other, and spent a lot of time together, I couldn’t realize what’s going on.

I can’t believe this….

During the stage, our eyes met each other,
and her final word made me cry so hard…
It reminded me of a lot of our memories….
But at the same time, I figured that I need to support her from now on。(つд⊂)
This is the path Elechan, who hasn’t often expressed her own opinions, has decided by herself.
I will support it as much as possible!

And I will try my best too!

I will always love you~~~~~(´;ω;`)
You’re the best~・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。♥




Oshima Ryoka 10/6 22:56


I love you love you so much.

I will always support you.
It was so fun to talk with you, laugh together with you and frolick with each other….

Thank you so much!




Sasaki Yukari 23:15

We’ve finished with the performance!

Ele, thank you so much(^-^)

Ele and I are the same generation and as KKS
we had a fun time and tough time together.(´・ω・`)

I feel a bit lonely but
I’ll move on positively☆

Ele~ Let’s head for our own dreams each other:)☆

Ele, I like you so mcuh:)♥
Thank you so much!!


Muto Tomu 23:25 10/6 23:24

Today was Saeed’s graduation performance!!

I guess this has become a good memory for Saeed(^^)☆

Saeed! With the best for you!!!

The photo is a group photo of 12gen members!
We had Rika, too♪
Good photo, isn’t it( ´∀`)☆

Kyoko Nishiyama

Today’s AKB48 theater performance was Boku no Taiyo\(^o^)/


8 members of 12gen joined the show, and you can even find Rikayun, the graduated member.

During the audition of 12 gen members,Tohoku Great earthquake and Tsunami hit Japan.
AKB48 theater has stopped all of it’s operation,
and had a lot of schedule change.
It’s not only Iwata Karen herself has become a victim of the disaster but,
all 12gen members had spent uneasy period,
And that’s why there’s a firm bond between 12gen members.



Saeed Yokota Elena 10/6 23:51

Today was the last performance of me!

I’d been crying from the start til the end(/_;)
I was so happy to receive a message card from 12 gen members(*ノ´Д`)ノ♥
I was really happy☆
Thank you so much!!
Today, all 12 gen members gathered at the stageー(つ□<。*)
Thank you so much


I was really happy☆


Hirata Rina 10/6 23:55



しようと思ったけど。。。思ったけど( p_q)









Hirata Rina

Saeed Yokota Elena

Tano Yuka

Muto Tomu

Takahashi Juri

Sasaki Yukari

Omori Miyu

Iwata Karen