You'll Shine as much as tears you've shed, New Start of Sasaki Yukari and Saeed Yokota Elena

  September 26, 2012

Now Suzuki Rika and Saeed-chan….. 2 of all 3 members of team IEA withdrew from AKB48…. I'm so worried about Yukarun….

By the way, have you seen Yukarun's update?
I have a bad feeling about this silence…

Did she come up last night?

Nope…. I'm so worried about her.

Guys!! Let's encourage her by leaving comments on her past posts!

Her last post was made on 22th!??!

I think Yukarun is now fighting against management…

She hasn't updated her Google Plus for 3 days…

It will hurt me so much if she leaves AKB48…
Please….. I wish all 12gen will remain AKB48 and get promoted…

Wish she will come up at 23:00…

Sasaki Yukari 23:17


The day before yesterday, we performed live together at the nationwide handshake event…. You sat next to me while we were on the Shinkansen….

I was so surprised when I heard Erechan's withdrawal yesterday.
I couldn't figure out whether it was a real or not.

Erechan and I are the peers of the same generation,
and we've spent a lot of time together,
so I can talk to you anything.
We frolicked each other,
We had fun,
We had happy times
We had though times,
We had been worried,
We had all sorts of these things together.
We could perform together at the theater,
We could perform in the smae unit,
You hosted my Seitansai….
We were together at Nationwide handshake event…
You talked to me to encourage me and make me smile when I was depressed…
Erechan. Thank you so much….?

I am and will be always supporting you?

Last of all,
I like you so much(#^.^#)

Always smile and bright.

I also strive forward towards my goal.

Sasaki Yukari 23:17

I will go out to play with Elechan and Rikayun (Suzuki Rika) next time!! (Team IEA)

Sasaki Yukari 23:30

(;_;)I will…. work hard

fan 23:20

Thank you so much for updating your google plus.
In our lives, we can't avoid from being separated from others but we also can meet many people in this world.
But, Erechan is and will always be your peer of the same 12gen of AKB48.

Let's shine as much as tears you've shed

fan 23:20

It's sure sad….
But even though things get tough, we gotta look forward and keep moving on.
We just need to send cheers to each other,
and just move on.

There's a famous saying “Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur.”
As this saying tells us, let's treasure every encounter we'll have in our lives!!

Finally I could see you on google plus,
that made me so relieved….
Please keep smiling and always be bright!

fan 23:27

Team IEA…. I can feel your pain….
I can understand how much pain you've been feeling lately.
But you're such a beautiful person and your emthusiasm are really conveyed to us through your performances!!
Now Erechan left the stage,
But please….. Please shine as much as tears you've shed….

fan 23:39

Probably she'd kept it secret during the handshake event because she didn't want to see Yukarun's sad face.
Erechan is too kind actually….

Sasaki Yukari 23:46

(;_;)Thank you so much

Sasaki Yukari 23:47

Leaving comments on Ere's post!

Yukarun won't withdraw from AKB48! (at least for the time being!!!)

Yukarun will also appear on Sep's 29th theater performance!!!

“I want to shine as much as tears I've shed. I'm 12gen Kenkyusei, Sasaki Yukari also known as Yukarun.”

Saeed Yukota Erena 23:43 9/25


This is Erechan~~~~ Hi everyone~~~~?

The grape I ate today was so delicious?




Suzuki Shihori 23:43

Saeed Yokota Elena 23:49


Kobayashi Marina 23:43

E….. Ere-chan!!

Saeed 23:50


Murayama Yuiri 23:44


Saeed 23:50


Omori Miyu 23:46


Saeed 23:51

Mi~~~~yupon(*°ω°) Cry out of happiness*

Omori Miyu 23:48

Erechan! I love you!!!!!

Miyupon! I love you, too.

Sasaki Yukari 23:46 9/25


Saeed 23:51

Yu~karun(*°ω°) YukaYuka

Sasaki Yukari 23:48

I want to have grapes, too(;´Д`)

Saeed 23:53

I want to eat it with Yukarin.

Sasaki Yukari 23:49


Saeed 23:55


Tano Yuka 23:47

Yuuka ate watermelon yesterday(*゚∀゚)
Saeed 23:52

Yuuka! Watermelon is delicious, isn't it?

Muto Tomu 23:48


Saeed 23:52


Izuta Rina 23:48


Saeed 23:54


Oshima Ryoka 23:50


Oshima Ryoka 23:50

Oh no!! I love you so much!!

I love you just soooo much٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

Saeed 23:56

Ryoka-chan. I love you, too(*°ω°)/

Hirata Rina 23:54

Erechan. I love you so much.

Tano Yuka 23:54

Listen! Tomu called me Tano-inu!!(TдT) (Tano-dog)
Though I felt it fits me so much LOL

Tano Yuka 23:55

Tano-inu is a human-faced dog LOL
Just picturing it makes me feel so ill!

Saeed 23:57

Yeah, it really matches your image!!

Tano Yuka 23:58

Eed approved Tano-inu!! I'm gld about it (゜゜) LOL

Hirata Rina 23:56

Then I will be a dog, as well…..

Hirata Rina 23:56

bowwow U^ェ^U

Saeed 23:58


Tano Yuka 23:57

Rina will be a cute dog LOL

I will become a Jomon-ken*

Saeed 23:59

That's great~~~~#°ω°#bowwow

Tano Yuka 23:59

I'm so sleepy. I'm going to bed( ゚∀゚ )
Eed, see you tomorrowー( ̄ー ̄)♥♥

Saeed 23:59



Tano Yuka 23:59

Last of all,

Eed-inu (゜-゜)♪

Saeed 0:00

I've joined Inu society, too!


Sasaki Yukari 23:52

After I read Ere's post, I've started feeling alright!!
I won't lose to hardship! 🙂
Sasaki Yukari 23:54

6 minutes left to 0:00!

Sasaki Yukari 0:05


We experience
things that are fun,
things that are tough,
making efforts,
experiencing failures
….and everyday we are growing through these things.

I would like to keep being positive,
look forward,
and do things the way I want to do.
Without feeling fear of maknig failures,
I want just strive forward to my dream….

Thank you so much for warm comments…

Reading comments from you made me tears. ><

Awwwww ><..............
Oh wait!
The time is over! LOL

So yeah,
Let's live today to the fullet 🙂

Good night…..☆

*Japanese often categorized their faces into 2 groups, namely Jomon-jin (Original Japanese) and Yayoi-jin (or Torai-jin, People from the Continent). The former has a wide eyes, double eyelids. Hairy and short, while the latter is tall, and has thin eyes with single eyelid, and less hairy.



  1. Mario Medves says:

    Yukarun, she feel alone now.

  2. Peechan says:

    She is not shine enough on the stage. However, I like her performance.

  3. irontech says:

    Whatever she chooses in the future, good luck to her and in her studies as well.