When we think about who will make her solo debut next after Rino Sashihara, Mayu Watanabe, Misaki Iwasa, Tomomi Itano and Atsuko Maeda, it’s not difficult to guess what names occurs in your mind. Without a single doubt Minami Takahashi and Yuki Kashiwagi are the most likely members we are expecting their solo debuts and they are also the most likely members who can be successful in their solo careers. Though both are captains of team A and B respectively, as Sayaka Akimoto have been seriously involved herself in musical (she is now starring musical ‘Roman Holidays’), and when we look at Mayuyu, she have been concurrently joining in 4 music acts right now, Watariroka Hashiritai7, solo, NO NAME (Seiyu Senbatsu) and team B, it’s not just a fancy thought that can be true only in fans mind but actually it’s no brainer that sooner or later they’ll make their solo debut at the right time.

From two channel “It seems that the time has come to launch our ultimate weapon Yuki Kashiwagi.”

How do you think?

I’ll super welcome it!

It’s too early.

So how will she deal with that… that unit…?

Mayuyu (Warota, NO NAME) and Sashiko (Not Yet) is doing their solo acts fine!

It’s still not a time that we should be in hurry.

If she could have an opportunity to star TV Drama, she can easily make her solo debut with partnering her song with the Drama as it’s theme song!

LOL whether it’t materialized or not and if so, when it will happen are all in AkiP’s hands.

AkiP’s excuse: There’d been no offers that star her for TV Dramas for Yukirin.

It’s too early to draw the Ace card.

Honestly, with her vocal ability and talent to express her art are harmonized well together I think she is an amazing singer and idol.
But my concern is whether she can be provided songs that can draw her charm the best. or they will obscure her alluring musical talent.

This video convinced me that she will never be disappointing in her solo act.
(Like in 夜風の仕業 / Yokaze no Siwaza, probably the genre she can sing the best is slow ballad. She had been a duet with a veteran singer Shinji Tanimura and had performed his best hitt songs, which every Japanese knows)

Not yet have established their success mostly thanks to Yuko, but how about Warota?
Even factors in the fact that Syncro Tokimeki was her solo debut single, which might have contributed to drive up the sales of the record, it’s must not be a pleasant fact that her solo single sold better than singles by Warota…

I think Warota failed by having gone too niche, and that’s the reason they had hurried to release Mayu’s solo debut single.
Meanwhile, Not Yet and No Sleeves (Takamina) have been doing just fine.

Solo debuts of Takamina and Yukirin are trumps of AKB project. Don’t hastily speak about them!

But she doesn’t have much time left… She need to join the game for the next Aces!
She has no time!!!

Come on!! Quick!!!

AKB’s ultimate goal is to make Yukirin be able to stand on her own feet as a solo artist.



I don’t think Mochii Ota and Akicha Ota won’t express their discontents…
Though if they go with Yukirin as a center and she sings some part of a song solo, they may accept it…

It’s no problem that they are openly expressing their discontentsヾ(@^▽^@)ノ!!! <- so true!

If they do this, I want her to sing Yokaze no Shiwaza solo….

And… for coupling, please do a duet of Temodemo no Namida with Mayuyu!!

Her solo debut will be arranged as the battle against Nogizaka46 as they release 3rd single within months!!

Since Sashiko had been completely beaten hollow by Nogizaka46, Yukirin will take on them to make a revenge?

The ideal scenario is that she will announce her solo debut at her solo concert on 13th July, but I know it’s really hard to materialize this without partnering with something.
Her – starring Drama may be the best chance for this, but is it unrealistic to expect an acting skill from her?

To play a starring role may be very difficult.

If her solo concert will turn out to be successful, then we can expect a next step, I think.
But first, they should hold an theatre concert exclusively by French Kiss members.

I don’T mind if her single won’t sell well, or will be bashed by haters temporarily…. I just want her to make a solo debut…. I want to see her at her solo live concert!!!

It’s too early to talk about this.
We first send Takamina as our spearhead against Nogizaka.
Then after she lost, we have Kojiharu as Chuken (The middle of the five players on a kendo team).
Even if she wouldn’t be able to beat Nogizaka, we still have Yuko!
But if even Yuko would have lost to Nogizaka, then….. it’s the time to send our ultimate weapon to the battle field….

LOL How long we will have to wait until her solo debut!!

I probably already know how things will turn out to be.
When Yukirin is about to conclude her solo concert, saying ‘Thank you all for coming my concert today.’
Suddenly the stage background screen flashed ‘Yuki Kashiwagi To Make Her Solo Debut’.

I’m really expecting that will turn out to be true!!!

It’s been a puzzle to many fans that Yukirin has received relatively fewer promotional support from the management despite her amazing talent and the second largest fan-base just like Yuko. Recently during the broadcasting of TV show Domoto Kyodai, Yukirin stated that she want to make solo debut.
Her Ota fans have been concerning that she doesn’t have much time to left as making solo debut after turning 20 y/o is relatively late for idols. While Mayuyu, her daughter, goes ahead of her as she already had played the starring role in the Drama Saba-Dol and made her solo debut, Yukirin fans have become upset that she would end up with being consumed as a goddess of Shake-Hands event or a member in charge of Gravure like Rena.

Looking back, AKB’s (as a major music act) solo debut has started with Tomochin, who showcased her unique music talent (strongly influenced by Namie Amuro) which is different from what we see from her in AKB48. The latest solo debut of AKB members is made by Mayuyu, who displayed her unique style which can be described a mixture of various kinds of urban Anime songs and 80’s idol tune, and I think this style of her will continue for a while.

Sashiko took on a similar style to Mayuyu, while Sashiko’s style is mostly the re-creation of 80’s idol tune (have you listened to couplings?), which is of course the power zone of AkiP. But we’d better state that Sashiko is more of music itself but her talent to make the most of the promotions she’s gotten and her unique and versatile personality which is loved by many TV producers as well as creators.

Note: There’s another major member who is expected to make her solo debut with huge promotions, namely Jurina Matsui.

*There’re 4 member who had made their solo debut before Tomochin, including Yuka Masuda.