What’s The Best Hairstyle For Mayu-sensyu?

  May 13, 2012

Many of us has fascinated by striking beauty of Mayuyu, she displayed in the Drama Saba-Dol. She used to look more like junior high-school girl despite her age. So what’s made her suddenly has become the different kind of beauty? Needless to say, it’s her hairstyle. As twin tail, a old school hairstyle of 美少女 Anime character has long been her signature, unveiled her new hairstyle had been probably a risk taking challenge for her, but it turned out that this new style absolutely…. does her justice.

Here are the indisputable proof why Mayuyu should graduate twin tail.

Twin Tail Mayuyu

She of course still keep her signature twin tail when she acts as a member of Watariroka Hashiritai7, but it seems like she has been gradually reducing her appearance in twin tail in the AKB HQ (= AKB48).

And below is the proof that I just told a lie.
Maybe it’s her strong point that she is the only major member who can look stunning in twin tail.
Let’s judge this by our own eyes.
手のひら / Tenohira at Team Ogi Matsuri
Uhmmm you probably have come to thinks this argument is useless since we want to see her in both styles? Or we want her to spare twin tail for the supreme moments and want her to try various hair styles for the rest of time?

Maybe because we are not used to seeing this straight hair style that this simpleness captured our hearts?

If I can choose one MV that describe the beauty of this angel to the fullest, it’s probably Ponytail to Chuchu. Any objection? I think a lot of people will disagree… lol

Please don’t translate Chuchu into ‘hairties’..(゚ペ)
This hair style is Kami!! Can I call this twin tail? Or just tied hair at two points?
Either way, as whole nation and worldwide fans have already noticed your beauty and you’re now so popular among girls and children, you can no longer be just an Ota idol as you used to be.
You’re the center of AKB48 and a future national actress!
Masterpieces of Mayuyu’s twin tail….
And she is Ikemen…
She shared her private style fasion with us in the TV show Haruhai. She is more like Mayuyu with her own choice of cloths!!

 This bun hair in MV of Syncro Tokimeki also suits her!

So whatever style will try, one thing for sure is that she has been sophisticated through her single debut and her starring Drama, Saba-Dol, which have convinced us that ‘idol’ side of AKB48 is almost all sustained by this girl.
I personally don’t like this ‘iron wall bang’ hair, but somehow she looks so cool in the MV of River. Maybe it’s required to handle a subtle balance to draw her charm with this bang hair.

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