Yuihan’s Worst Day When She Lost Out Two Of Her Lovers

  April 29, 2012
In her blog Sae wrote she spent her day-off in Disneyland and Disneysea with her local frineds on 27th Apr.
Next day on 28th as her work ended early she went to Tokyu Han Overcome Jealousy In Your Relationship ds with Rie (Rie Kitahara). According  to what she wrote, she and Rie really like boutique like craft, interior and stationary stores like Tokyu-Hands, or Loft. While Rie bought electronic teeth-blush, Sae got what she call Surprise Goods lol so that she can do surprise anytime. “You know, we need to prepare in order to have fun (笑)”
So, today’s story is…. let’s start from one sentence from Sae’s blog.
“Today I had Tokyu-Hands Date with Rie-chan.”
But on the same day….
Mariya Nagao “With Suzu-chan!! (Suzuran). After our work, we went massage together, and ate Sushi!! So happy! Now we are wearing tights (from head?) So Happy!!”
Obviously Yuihan loves Mariya, so she said “Kawaii!”
Mariya “Yuitan-tan!”
But suddenly her jealousy was caught in fire.
Yuihan “Suzu-Yagi is my enemy! Yui-Yagi FTW”
How Mariya reacted to this puzzling declaration of war??
Mariya “Yui-san (笑), Yui-Yagi!! Forever!!”
Lol she reacted much more matured way than Yuihan!!
About 2weeks earlier, Mariya and Yuihan took this photo together. (During the filming of Manatsu’s MV)
Look Yuihan’s face expression!!! She is like “LOL Suzuran You Lose!!!”
But actually Yuihan is known for her garomance with KitaRie (Rie Kitahara).
In Tomosatsu, Yukoyama answered to a question ‘Which member you show your real the most?’, “Mariya Nagao. I often go out for meal with her, we are clicking, and we share same type of worldview.”
But, when asked who she want to be her boyfriend, she said “Kitahara-san. She is very fun to hang out with. She smile a lot, and I love it.”
In ohter interviews she stated “My new year resolution is ‘Play with Kitahara-san’.” “My ideal husband image  is KitaRie-san.”

I don’t know this is Goromance or something completely different, but either way Yuihan really loves KiraRie. It’s so obvious.

So think about it, when Yuihan declared war against Suzuran,
Sae “Today I had Tokyu-Hands Date with Rie-chan. <3<3"
LOL She was taken both of her lovers on the same day, and being totally alone!!!! What if Sae made this comment on G+!?!? Would Yuihan confront against mush Sae, who is 7gen senior than her??

Source Mariya Nagao G+, Sae Blog

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