SSA Nationwide Handshake Event – Apology from Sashiko to Fans

  June 23, 2012

Sashihara Rino, a member who has transferred to HKT48 from AKB48 after the report of her scandal in the past, joined AKB’s handshake event at SSA (Saitama Super Arena) as a member of HKT on 23th.

She tearfully reacted to online comment from fans, “She doesn’t look like feeling sorry about what she’s done.”, by stating ” I don’t have such a strong heart that I don’t realize, feel sorry and regret about what I’ve done after getting dressed down by people at my agency (Ohta) and many of fans.”

On 20th when she appeared on the stage at AKB theater for the first time after the announcement of transfer, she said, “I decided to make it No.1 group, stronger than AKB48, and I also determined to become No.1 in HKT48. Though I’m a kind of a girl like this, I’m happy if you still keep supporting me. “

This remark from her also got on nerves of some fans, and become a part of the reason for Sashihara bashing. But Sashihara also elaborated on this, saying “I said “Become No.1″ with the feeling that it’s not good to do things half heartedly. My emotions spun the wheels.(=I conveyed my determination in a way that cause misunderstanding because I was being too emotional.)”

Sashihara Rino attended Handshake event of AKB48 on 23th at SSA, and made her apology to fans. Though she has made comment during the stage performance at AKB48 theater on 20th, but her apology at SSA was the first formal apology she made in public.

At the beginning of the event, she appeared on the stage, and started talking. 

“I’m truly sorry for causing you worry by my behavior.”
“I heard from the agency’s staffs that “People are doubting if Sashihara is not feeling sorry.”
“But I don’t have such strong heart that I don’t realize, feel sorry and regret about what I’ve done when I caused worry to many fans. Honestly, I was very scared to attend the filming of Waratte Iitomo.(June 18 (Mon)) “, she talked to fans, with tears running down her face.
“If I just keep putting everything to it, I think I will be able to see myself getting closer to the goal someday. I will keep striving forward, smiling. And…. please everyone, support HKT48 and HKT48’s Sashihara Rino!!”, Sashihara talked at last, bowing her head deeply.
From the venue filled with 17,000 fans, we heard shouts: “Ganbare~~~!!” “Rino-chan~~~~!!!”

Today, on 23th June, AKB48 held Nationwide Handshake event for “Manatsu no Sounds Good!” at SSA.

This is how heated up the AKB48 Kanto Nationwide handshake event in Kanto!! I wish one day we will be able to hold  the event on this scale in regional areas in Japan!!

TGSK talked briefly about Sassy, and Sassy stated talking to fans.
This is not precise, but I write what I remember of her speech.

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Sashihara “I heard people raising doubt that I’m not seriously feeling sorry about what I’ve done.”

“But I don’t have such a strong heart that I don’t realize, feel sorry and regret about what I’ve done after getting dressed down by people at my agency (Ohta) and many of fans.”

Honestly, I was very scared to attend the filming of Waratte Iitomo. But I caused worry to many people, and I’ve been supported by them, so I thought it’s no good to show a sad face, and that’s why I acted like that (that she had smile on her face?)

“I said “Become No.1” with the feeling that it’s not good to do things half heartedly. My efforts got spin around.(I think she shouldn’t have used the word “Effort: Ganbari” here…)
It just started with Heavy Rotation.
Then Flying Get, Ogoe Diamond.
Now they are MC-ing, Yuko in the center, Atsuko and Yukirin are on her sides!!
A member who is a good riser →Takamina.
She is Miichan’s alarm Clock. She wakes up everyone.
Takamina wakes up Acchan as if she was her boyfriend. Takamina wakes up Miichan as if Miichan is her pet.
A member who have a weird hobby Yukirin
She twist a tissue paper into a string
Okay, live performance is over~~~
TomoTomo (Kasai Tomomi and Itano Tomomi) and Umechan hardly talked in MC…..
Live part
Heavy RotationFlying Get  Ogoe Diamond  MC Manatsu no Sounds Good!  MC  Darekano Tameni
Members are Election Senbatsu minus SKE girls plus Atsuko and Takajo.
Handshake has started??

Now only those who have a ticket with number below 1,500 can wait in line.
A-1 has started. MC is Iziry Okada.
Acchan’s lane is ridiculously long!!!
According to twitter report, Sassy and Kojiharu’s lanes have less fans.
How about Hagashi (Staffs stand beside members at handshake event to get fans off if they linger or try to do something harmful)????

Sashiko’s Hagashi is TGSK.

LOL TGSK is Hagashi for Sashiko’s lane, right?

If it’s true, it’s too risky to go to her lane….
I laughed so hard when I saw this tweet.

Information on how crowded each men’s lane is.

Maeda Astuko: “tower of terror (at Disney Sea)” in golden week holiday!!
Oshima Yuko: “space mountain (at Disney Land)” on weekdays
Others: Pirates of Caribbean (at Disney Land)
Really? There’re fewer people in Sassy’s lane??
No. Her lane has as many people as usual.
It looks fewer because Maeda and Yuko’s lanes are ridiculously long.
Because there’re too many people, Acchan’s lane has been folded into 3 lines.
It’s absolutely false that only Sassy’s lane has fewer people. Rather she has more fans than lanes after 5.

Lane / Name

1 Maeda Atsuko
2 Oshima Yuko
3 Watanabe Mayu
4 Kashiwagi Yuki
5 Sashihara Rino
6 Shinoda Mariko
7 Takahashi Minami
8 Kojima Haruna
9 Itano Tomomi
10 Umechan, Sae
11 Tomo~mi, Miichan
12 Kitarie, Yuihan
13 Mocchi, Akicha
14 Sayaka, Reinyan
15 Wasamin, Shiichan
16 Lovetan, Haachan, Aamin

Acchan’s lane has by far longer liine, next is Yuko. Other lanes are about the same.

By the way, TV camera are set up at Sashiko’s booth….

Acchan’s lane is ridiculous!!
Other members lanes except Yuko have few people.
Now I went to Takamina’s lane, but there was no one except me….

Wait…. now even Yuko’s lane has few people….

Okay, it looks like all lanes except Acchan’s one are empty.
Even Yuko’s lane has no waiting time???

These are the numbers called now.
Lane / Number
1 10,000
2 12,000
3 20,000
4 20,000
5 17,000
6 17,000
7-10 20,000
11-18 30,000
So the order goes like this.

Maybe people think this is gonna be the last AKB’s nationwide handshake event for Sashihara??

Maeda → Last handshake before her graduation
Sashihara → Last handshake as a member of AKB48
There are reasonable reasons…

I can understand why Sashihara’s lane is popular but what’s impressing is Mariko. After all, she is one of the most popular member of AKB.