Fans Of Nogizaka46 Voted for Sashiko!!

  May 24, 2012

One of the Cinderella girl in yesterday’s announcement of the early result of AKB48 27th single Senbatsu Sousenkyo, Rino Sashihara (Sashiko) even got a support from fans of Nogizaka46.

“Though I’m Nogizaka Ota, I voted for Sashiko from my cellphone!!
It was so troublesome to enter my name or address for the registration!!
Since I’m not interested in the contents, I immediately quit it! (AKB Mobile).
Don’t you think I’m wild? “

“Thank you!!!!”
“You’re so wild!!”
“You are…. too wild…. and…. thank you so much!!!”
“I’ll never forget your help!!”
“I also found some Nogizaka fans’ were tweeting that they voted for Sashiko!!!
I’m so grateful to them… “
“I don’t know why, but at this point, Nogizaka46 vs Sashiko is now a tailwind for Sashiko!!
“Nogizaka Ota, who once fought with us is now supporting Sashiko!!!
Yesterday’s enemy is today’s friend…”
“That said, it was a meaningful battle….”

“Good evening! I’m from Ikoma-chan’s fan thread!!
In the previous battle, since there was a huge lead from the beginning, I didn’t buy extra records.
Even though the Single had Ikoma-chan’s solo number and I could never let Nogizaka lose.
So I will use the money that I was supposed to spend for Nogizaka’s CD to vote for Sashiko.
I will invest my money for Sashiko with the hope that if Sashiko places higher position, then it’ll also be good for Nogizaka since they are now really close to each other.
please let me join the battle as your best friend!!”

“Thank you sooooooo much!! Ikoma-chaaaaaaaaan!!”
“I can’t believe this is happening!! The fact the you want to support Sashiko on behalf of Nogizaka moved me so much…… Thank you so much!!”

Sahiko on G+
“Please let me speak my honest feeling……
“I’m happy”
Thank you so much.
But still we have a long way to go :)”

“Sashiko!!!! We won’t be relaxed too much!! We will keep fighting til the final day!!!!”

Everyone got so tense from 8:30-45PM yesterday, I guess some fans are having stiff muscle now.
But if there’re fans who got the outstanding transition from so much tensed mood to enormous joy and really fatigued from it, it may be fans of Mayuyu and Sashiko who placed 3rd and 4th respectively.
Last night when Sashiko’s ranking was announced, fans were expressing their emotions with full of pleasant surprise .

“16 Rie Kitahara, 15th Minami Minegishi, 14th Ayaka Umeda, 13th Aki Takajo, 12th Yui Yokoyama, 11th Haruna Kojima, 10th Sae Miyazawa, 9th Tomomi Itano, 8th Jurina Matsui…..”
“It’s coming….. coming….!!!”
“No…. I’m so scared…..”
“I think many people refrain from voting in such an early period lol (But how it turned out to be?)”
“Her name————————(゚∀゚)——————————!!”
“Rino-chan at 4th?????? Really!!!????”
“Sassy at 4th!”
“Come on you guys…. I said “avoid voting early so that we won’t be too much relieved!!” lol”
“No…!! It’s too high!! Guys! Never assume she can safely keep this position til the end without our additional support!!!!”
“What??? Looks like fans of other HQ (= akb48) members deliberately refrain from voting before the early result except Sashiko and some other members?? Uhmmm”
“LOL You guys voted too much too early!!”
“But I don’t want to see what happened last year….. I never want it again!! Never assume it’s alright, and stay focused!!”
“3 members of top 4 are from old team B (TωT) I am moved to tears….”
“So it’s about time that we see “So it turned out that Sashiko is alright! I will vote for my 2nd Oshi-men!!” kind of comments!!”

Don’t do things like that!!

“Come on….. this result remind me of last year, where she ended up 9th in the final result dropped from 7th in the interim result….”
“Her best friends Moeno and Kitarie are in dangerous positions!!!!
But…. I have to keep her position at 4th at any cost………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uhmmmm!!”

“If you are the real Sassy Ota, then can you vote for another Chihou-gumi member, Nishishi?”
“Of course I want to help Nishishi, Kitarie, Yuihan as well as Shiichan and Moeno….. But…
Since I bought a tons of her solo single, I don’t have much money left… !!”
“After all, I’m worrying no matter how high she ranked in the early result…. lol”

from Rino Sashihara fan thread on 2channel.